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New England Meteoritical Services is privileged to work with some of the most exotic and oldest material known to science - meteorites!

In this section of our website we share with you some of the most profound and enigmatic images of meteorites on the World Wide Web.

All meteoritical photographs were taken in our laboratory during research and specimen preparation.

Click on the thumbnail image and enjoy! Comments are welcome.

Graphite nodules - a unique view

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Martian Analogs


Allende and Murchison

{Lake Murray}

Lake Murray, A Cretaceous Meteorite

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Special Delivery

{short description of image}

SRI's in an Iron meteorite

{short description of image}

LA001, a new Martian meteorite

{short description of image}

Those fluffy white things inside carbonaceous chondrites

{short description of image}

An EL4, a rare Enstatite chondrite

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