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An affordable way to start a collection or to add Type specimens and Classifications to an existing one.

Offered are lab prepared, small sections and specimens of specific, well-researched and published meteorites. All are supplied in a clear 1x1 inch acrylic case with label and weight..

These are similar to micromount minerals except that micromount meteorites are not physically "mounted" or attached to a surface. Each can be closely examined further with a hand lens or low power microscope.

Micromount specimens are the most inexpensive and affordable way to begin a reference collection for study and enjoyment. Many specimens offered on this page are difficult to acquire meteorite localities or classifications.

All images were taken of the specimens being offered. 


Micro Meteorites

  Micromount meteorites in 1x1 acrylic cases with labels
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Micro Meteorites for Sale, M - Z

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   Indicates Observed Fall.


Courtland, Latvia. H5 chondrite

Fell April 10, 1890.
A single 5.8kg stone mass was seen to fall.  
Western Australia, Wiluna district, Australia, AEUC-M

Fell October, 1960
This is a nice achondrite for any collection, it's also  fusion crusted.
Mt. Padbury
Australia, Mesosiderite

Found 1964
Nice mesosiderite from Australia

Fell August 14, 1992
Large surface area, abundance of Ni/Fe inclusions.

0.64 grams, $55.00

1.88 grams, 40.00

0.54 grams, $25.00


Cochran County, Texas
H6 chondrite

Found 1980. A single 6.4kg stone was found, the main mass is in Vienna.
(Iowa), Linn Co., Iowa. L6 chondrite

Fell February 25, 1847
Nice, Historic USA meteorite. Fusion crusted on one surface.
Calloway County, Kentucky
CM2, carbonaceous chondrite.

Fell September 20, 1950
A rare meteorite. 2 fragments, 0.09 grams with crust and 0.03 grams.
McKenzie Draw (b)
Gaines County, Texas. H4 chondrite.
Three stones were found while plowing a peanut field.

4.02 grams, $35.00



1.18 grams, $20.00

Australia, L4
Found 1967

Nice  mix of chondrules. Not often seen available.

Transylvania, Romania, L5-6
Fell February 03, 1882

Veined chondrite, fusion crusted specimen.

Sumner County, Kansas
H4 chondrite.

Found 1972
Recognized by a farmer when he tried to move it. He remembered his father and grandfather moving it around.

Greer County, Oklahoma

H4 chondrite

Found 2008
Very low TKW of 750 grams.

1.50 grams, $35.00



1.42 grams, $65.00

Monument Draw
Andrews County, Texas
Acapulcoite, Primitive achondrite.
Found 1985.
A single 524 gram stone mass was found, plowed up in a field. One of the rarest classifications of meteorites with only 524 grams of Monument Draw found. Prepared part slice, one polished surface..

Roosevelt County
New Mexico
L6 chondrite

Found 1984
42kg found, only a couple of kg have been preserved for collections. Ni/Fe grains, chondrules in matrix. 

Mt. Egerton
Western Australia, Australia. Achondrite, Aubrite.
Found 1941

An anomalous Fe-rich aubrite!

Melvern Lake
Osage County, Kansas
H 5 chondrite
October 1950

A single 7.746kg stone was found on a farm. Seldom offered.


0.10 grams, $90.00

2.04 grams, $20.00

0.76 grams, $70.00

0.65 grams, $20.00

Mount Tazerzait
Tahoua, Niger
L5 chondrite
Fell August 21, 1991

Witnessed to fall by a 7 year old Tuareg boy.
Visible Ni/Fe, chondrules

Santiago del Estero, Argentina
H5 chondrite

Fell June 22, 1931
A weight of around 800 grams was reported as fragments only. 

Mandalay Spring
L6 chondrite
Found April 2012
A single 2.85 kg stone was found while metal detecting for gold.
Visible Ni/Fe grains and chondrules.

Murcia, Spain
H5 chondrite

Fell December 24, 1858
Most of this stone meteorite is in a museum in Madrid, Spain.


0.67 grams, SOLD

0.62 grams, $20.00
  0.64 grams, SOLD

South Sudan
H6 chondrite.
Fell March 1941
A stone of 3.2 kg fell near the source of the Sueh River. 

Utar Pradesh,
H5 chondrite.
Fell August 30, 1920
Six stones, 71kg, were recovered. 

Yunnan, China
L6 chondrite.
Fell June 01, 2018
A piece of this meteorite with black fusion crust broke through a farmers silt-roofed roof.

Metameur 005
Madaniyin, Tunisia
LL3 chondrite.
Found 2012

A single stone of 184 grams was found. Chondrule-rich.

0.907 grams, SOLD
1.00 gram, SOLD

Maigatari Dandumai
H5/6 chondrite.
Fell August 01, 2004
Several fragments were seen to fall, one fell next to a father and son, landing about 15 meters from them.. 

2.40 grams, SOLD

Nicolas Levalle
Buenos Aires, Argentina,  L5 chondrite

Found April, 1956
This is a possible Fall. A meteorite was found by a farmer a few days after a meteorite fell near a lagoon,

NWA 6925
Erfoud, Morocco
Stone, L3.15 chondrite
Found 2011
Closely packed chondrules.  L3.15 - minimal metamorphic alteration.  

NWA 2492
LL6 chondrite

Found 2004
Only 162 grams found.
An inexpensive LL6 stone meteorite specimen.

Alexandria, Abu-Hommos, Egypt
Achondrite, SNC, Martian cumulate clinopyroxenite,ANAK

Fell June 28, 1911
The "N" of the SNC suite of martian meteorites.
Grains and fragments. 

0.91 grams, SOLD
0.81 grams $45.00

 1.40 grams $25.00

0.023 grams  $80.00

NWA 11436
Northwest Africa Rumuruti chondrite, R3-6.
Found 2017

A rare type of chondrite.

NWA 6308
Northwest Africa Primative Achondrite, Brachinite.
Found 2009
Only 600 grams found of this rare meteorite.  

NWA 7194
Northwest Africa Rumuruti chondrite (R4)
Found 2007
This classification is unique. Rumuruti chondrites do not belong to any of the major chondrite groupings.   

NWA 1929
Northwest Africa
Achondrite, Howardite.
Found 2003
A polymict breccia achondrite composed eucritic and diogenite mineralogy. Believed to have formed on asteroid 4Vesta. 

0.93 grams, $60.00
0.42 grams $65.00

0.43 grams $55.00

0.70 grams $120.00

NWA 5480
Northwest Africa
Achondrite, diogenite
Found 2008
Inexpensive for a rare classification.

NWA 5363
Northwest Africa
Achondrite, ungrouped
Found 2008
Rare, does not fit into any defined achondrite grouping. 2.46 kg found.

Alexandria, Abu-Hommos, Egypt
Achondrite, SNC, Martian cumulate clinopyroxenite,ANAK

Fell June 28, 1911
The "N" of the SNC suite of martian meteorites.
A solid fragment, 4mm x 3mm x 3mm. 

New Deal
H6 chondrite
Found June 12, 2010

Classified by Alan Rubin, UCLA. Only 266 grams were recovered.

0.60 grams $30.00
1.42 grams $55.00

  0.043 grams, $180.00
1.28 grams 70.00

NWA 2999
Northwest Africa
Found 2004
Achondrite - Angrite
Found 2004
Very rare classification. The grain structure and texture is strikingly different in appearance from other meteorites.

NWA 1665
Northwest Africa
Occidental Saharan desert.
Found 2002
Carbonaceous chondrite, CK3- an
Found 2002
Rare. Only 3 of this CK3 classification have been found. TKW 1185 grams.

NWA 753
Northwest Africa
Kem Kem Region
Found 2001
Rumuruti chondrite, R3.9

Unusual and rare classification. Fresh, weathering grade = W2, the sulfides are well-preserved. 

Nova 009
Country, Unknown

Found 1972
Only one stone, 7.3 kg was found. A "Nova" designation indicates the the Meteoritical Society Nomenclature Committee  does not know or agrees upon where it was found. It was classified as an H4 chondrite. Chondrules are in abundance.

0.69 grams $90.00
0.70 grams $50.00
1.84 grams,  $35.00

NWA 6704
Northwest Africa
Found date unknown
Achondrite, Ungrouped

Unusual and rare classification.One of a kind. Medium-grained with an igneous cumulate texture.

NWA 6287
Northwest Africa
Found 2010
Stone, LL5 chondrite
Found 2010
Lightly weathered for an NWA specimen - W1. Large surface area for study.

NWA 11756
Northwest Africa
Found 2017
Primitive achondrite, Brachinite

An olivine-rich ultramafic rock with a metamorphic texture. A rare classification for only a small amount of $$.

Nelson County
Cox's Creek,
Nelson County
Iron, IIIF

73 kg found. One of only 9 known IIIF irons.
Cold deformation.

0.64 grams $65.00
0.47 grams $45.00

NWA 10102
Northwest Africa
Found 2013
Stone, L(LL)3 chondrite
6kg found. Chondrules set in a dark matrix. large surface area. 1.58 grams.

NWA 7998
Northwest Africa,
Temara, Morocco
Found 2013
Stone, L5 chondrite

59kg reported to have been found. Sodic plagioclase, altered kamacite.

Nazareth b
Castro County
L6 chondrite

Found 1967
One stone, 3.6kg was found. Once in the Huss Collection of Meteorites, 1976.

North West Forrest
Nullarbor Plain
Western Australia
EL6 enstatite chondrite
Found 1971
4.4kg found. Only 4 EL6 enstatite chondrites have been found in Australia.

1.60 grams $40.00


NWA 10203
Northwest Africa
Found 2015
Stone, ALUN (Lunar)
3.3 kg, multiple stones, polymict breccia with 4 distinct lithologies.

NWA 2653
Northwest Africa,
Found 2004
Stone, carbonaceous chondrite, CV7
A very unusual meteorite with triple grain junction textures, devoid of chondrules or chondrule remnants. Highly recrystallized. Only 51 grams found. 

0.221 grams $80.00
1.25 grams, SOLD

Kimball County, Nebraska
L6 chondrite.
Found 1984
6.69kg was found. Visible Ni/Fe grains.
 Sedgwick County
H6 chondrite

Found 1939

Once in the Nininger Collection of Meteorites.
Furnas County, Nebraska

H5 chondrite.

A single 6kg stone found while plowing.
Perm region, Russia
H4 chondrite.
Fell August 30, 1887
A brecciated chondrite, clean, chondrules and Ni/Fe grains..
1.40 grams, $25.00

1.66 grams, $30.00
1.10 grams, $20.00
0.54 grams, $ 45.00

Kurgan region, Ozerno district, Russia
L6 chondrite.
Found 1983
Found in a pasture. Large surface area, Ni/Fe grains.
   Oro Grande
New Mexico
H5 chondrite.
Found 1971
513 grams found.in a driveway. It was believed to have been brought in with a load of gravel. 
Tarn-et-Garonne, Montauban,
Stone, carbonaceous chondrite, CI1 (Ivuna group, type 1)
Fell May 14, 1864

The Orgueil meteorite represents some of the oldest known, least altered, matter. The specimen is sold by size and not weight.
Orgueil, 4.5mm x 3mm x 2.5mm.

2.22 grams,$20.00


Tami Nadu, India
LL3.6 chondrite.
Fell February 28, 1857
Chondrule-rich, brecciated. 
Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
L6 chondrite.
Fell, August 16, 1933
Contains maskelynite.
New York, H6 chondrite

Fell October 9, 1992
One of the most famous meteorites in recent history. Rare to find available anywhere.
Pampa (c)

L4 chondrite.

Found 1986
A weathered and shocked chondrite, visible chondrules.

0.36 grams, $45.00    SOLD
   1.26 grams $25.00

Palo Verde Mine Mohave, Arizona
L6 chondrite.
Found 2004
9158 grams recovered in two stones.

Scioto County, Ohio
H5 chondrite.
Found 1990
Found about 20 inches below ground while digging out a stump.

Portales (c) Roosevelt Co, New Mexico 
H4 chondrite
A single 6 kg stone was found. 

Plainview 1917
Hale County, Texas
H5 chondrite.

Found 1917
A regolith breccia.


3.50 grams, $25.00
1.28 grams, $35.00

Altaj territory, USSR
H4 chondrite

Found 1971

13.5 kg, found by a tractor driver while sowing a field. 

New York, H6 chondrite

Fell October 9, 1992
One of the most famous meteorites in recent history. Rare to find available anywhere.

 Ivanovo-Vosnesenk Vladimir region, Russia
L6 chondrite
Fell December 26, 1933

Regolith breccia. 

Union County, New Mexico
Achondrite, Eucrite

Fell March 24, 1933
This is a famous USA Fall.
75 small stones totaling 3-4kg were collected along a track 28 miles long. Seldom offered or available now. 

1.72 grams SOLD

  0.26 grams, SOLD


Hidalgo, Jacala, Mexico
L6 chondrite

Fell June 18, 1881

A breciated chondrite. Three specimens recovered for a total of
3.4 kg. Fusion crusted.

Pony Creek
Runnels County, Texas
H4 chondrite.

Found 1947
Found 7miles South of Ballinger, Texas while plowing a field.


1.99 grams, $30.00

  Quitovac, Mexico

L5 chondrite
Found 2017

Found by a group of metal detecting gold hunters, several centimeters below the surface,
  Qatar 001
  Jarayan al Batnah, Qatar

Found 2010
H5 chondrite

6.7 kg was found in 5 stones. Light tan matrix, Ni/Fe inclusions. 

 1.80 grams $25.00        1.08 grams $30.00    

Grant County, Oklahoma
L6 chondrite.

Found 1986
Contains maskelynite. Found while terracing an unfarmed hillside. Large Ni/Fe inclusions.

Rio Limay
Rio Negro Province, Argentina
L5 chondrite.

Found 1995
Shock dakened grey matrix, granular texture, chondrule deformation. Polished fragment, Ni/Fe grains and inclusions. Nice specimen.

Morton County, Kansas.  LL3.7 chondrite.

Found  1983
Contains LL5 clasts, unequilibrated. there are not many meteorites of this classification.

Mtwara, Tanzania.
L4-6 chondrite.

Fell February 07, 1949

Contains xenolithic, contains L4 and L6 clasts. A rare mixing for two different petrologic graded clast groups.

2.46 grams, $20.00

2.34 grams, SOLD

1.46 grams, $35.00

Sumi Region,
L5 chondrite.

Fell, April 9, 1914

After detonations, a stone of 7.5kg was seen to fall. It was recovered along with a second, 5.5kg  stone 2 miles away. Very nice exposed chondrule.

Know County, Texas
H5 chondrite

Found May, 1961

23.4% Fe, main mass loaned to NASA, Manned Spaceflight Center.

Roy (1933)
Harding County, New Mexico.
L5 chondrite.

Found Spring, 1933.
 Nininger did the initial analysis on this meteorite in 1934.

Richland (Fredricksburg)
Navarro County
Iron, IIAB Hexahedrite

Found 1951
13.6kg, found in an old well. An iron meteorite found 300 miles away in Fredricksburg, Texas is believed to be paired with Richland.(Wasson et al., 2007)

0.21 grams,  SOLD
0.36 grams, $25.00

1.68 grams, $30.00

3.80 grams, $120.00

Meknes Tafilalet, Morocco

Found 1996
H5 chondrite

2.48 kg was found, fragments from a single weathered mass

1.26 grams, $30.00

Richmond County, Virginia
Fell April 01, 1921
Unequilibrated, gas rich, contains c-rich aggregates and c-chondrite clasts.

Seibert (b)
Kit Carson City
L6 chondrite.

Found 1991
Found while plowing a wheat field.
St. Michel
Finland, L6 chondrite.

Fell July 12, 1910
A nice L6 chondrite.
Sandy Creek
Clay County, Nebraska.
L5 chondrite
Found 1999
Found on an airport runway while being graded. 

  0.58 grams, SOLD     0.80 grams, $20.00     1.22 grams, $110.00    SOLD

San Pedro, Jacuaro,
LL6 chondrite

Fall December 01, 1968

An interesting small fragment with fresh fusion crust. Only 480 grams recovered.

Chihuahua, Mexico
H4 chondrite.

Found 1971
Found within the Allende strewnfield.

Gaines County, Texas
H4 chondrite.

Found 1961
Studied and classified by G. Huss.

Krishnagiri District, Tamil Nadu, India
LL6 chondrite.

Fell September 12, 2008
 Fusion crusted, A very fresh, clean stone meteorite specimen..

0.26 grams, SOLD

1.28 grams, $20.00
2.24 grams, $50.00

Carter Co., Oklahoma
H5 chondrite.

Found 1965
Two stones, 8.143kg total were found in 1965. 8kg is at TCU in Fort Worth, Texas. Only a few hundred grams are availble for collectors.

Sleeper Camp 001
Nyanga Plain, Western Australia, Australia.
L6 chondrite.

Found 1962
A single stone, 1.25kg was found.

San Carlos,
Buenos Aires, Argentina
H4 chondrite

Found 1942

A single stone, 3. 6kg was found.

Saratov region, near Donguz, Penza, Russia
L4 chondrite.

Fell September 06, 1918
Few meteorites have the abundance of chondrules as the Saratov meteorite.
This is a great meteorite for microscopy. 

1.32 grams, $25.00

2.22 grams, $30.00

1.26 grams, $30.00

2.48 grams, $30.00

Serra Pelada
Para, Brazil
Achondrite, eucrite.
Fell June 29, 2017
This is a basaltic achondrite. Fell onto a roadside, near a Lima de Souza school after a series of loud detonations were heard.

St. Peter
Graham County, Kansas
L5 chondrite.

Found 1957

A single 6.8kg stone was found. Large Ni/Fe grains.

Bashkortostan, Russia
L4 chondrite.

Found July 1997
Used to stop a hay cart from rolling, later found to be a meteorite. 

Sueilila 002
Rio de Oro, Western Sahara
Stone, Shergottite, ASHE (Martian).

Found 2014
Mottle brown in appearance with deep brown phenocrysts.

0.78 grams,  $110.00

2.26 grams, $20.00

0.148 grams, SOLD

Sinawan 001
L6 chondrite.

Found 1991
Contains maskelynite.Lightly weathered, clean.  

Saratov region, near Donguz, Penza, Russia
L4 chondrite.

Fell September 06, 1918
Few meteorites have the abundance of chondrules as the Saratov meteorite.
This is a great meteorite for microscopy. 

West Java, Indonesia
H5 chondrite.

Fell September 26, 1939

1,590 grams recovered, fell 30 miles SSW of Bandung, West Java. 

1.04 grams,$30.00
3.50 grams, $30.00
  0,47 grams, $35.00

Mexico, LL5

Fell October 16, 1975
Nice fragement, embedded chondrules
Smith County, Texas
L6 chondrite.
Fell April 26, 1917
Nice specimen, a breccia. Only 1.02 kg found and the majority is held in museum and university collections. 
Two Buttes (a)
Baca County, Colorado
H5 chondrite
Found 1962

Light gray matrix, Abundant Ni/Fe grains, chondrules. 
Kiambu County, Kenya
Stone, L6 chondrite, fusion crust

Fell, July 16, 2011
Several stones fell, one landing within 1 meter of a woman tilling her field. Other stones crashed through greenhouses and a house. 14.2 kg were recovered.
0.45 grams, $20.00

3.04 grams, $120.00

0.31 grams, $20.00

0.48 grams, SOLD

Pskov, Estonia
L4 chondrite
Fell June 28, 1872
Contains metal-troilite-rich shock veining, and melt rock clasts. An amazingly complex meteorite.

Lombardy, Italy
 H3/4 chondrite

Fell November 12, 1856
Historic, unequilibrated.

Tatahouine Tunisia, Diogenite (Vesta)
Fell June 27, 1931
Dioginite, greenish interior

McPherson County, Nebraska.
  L6 chondrite

Found 1934
This meteorite was once held in the Nininger Collection of meteorites. 


0.23 grams, SOLD

0.83 grams, $20.00

1.02 grams, $30.00

Agadez, Niger
Stone, L5 chondrite,

Found 2006
996 grams found in a single stone. Brown/green medium-grained groundmass with some metal veinlets.

West Sahara,
Stone, L6 chondrite,

Found 1956
1kg found. Almost all of this meteorite is at the Paris Museum of Natural History.

Trilby Wash
Maricopa County
  L4 chondrite

Found 2005

Found in  basin. W3, S1 shock stage, 846 grams found.

Tuan Tuc
L6 chondrite,

Fell June 30, 1921
After three distinct atmospheric detonations, 3 stones, totalling 13.1 kg were found.

0.73 grams, $55.00


H5 chondrite

Found May 24 2006
Unusual "find" circumstances: A single 4,680 gram stone was sticking out of the ground in a vacant lot and was "polished" by the tires of passing cars going to the nearby repair shop.
Ulyanovsk is rare to find available.

L chondrite

Fell April 16, 1948
A 20kg stone fell and produced a 1 meter deep crater. 

Minas Gerais, Brazil

June 29, 1903
H5 chondrite

A veined chondrite, only one 40kg stone recovered.


0.83 grams, $110.00
1.00 grams, SOLD


 Vienne, France, L6 chondrite.

Fell May 13, 1831
Historic meteorite.
Highly shocked, contains recrystallized clasts of feldspar that has been converted into maskelynite. Clean, unoxidized specimen.
Rio Negro Province, Argentina
L5 chondrite.

Fell  January 01, 2003
6.9kg, found on a beach.

Vaca Muerta
Atacama Desert
Stony-iron, mesosiderite.
Found 1861
One of the most notable mesosiderites available to collectors.

Pernambuco, Brazil LL3.2 chondrite

Fell September 21, 2013

Fell next to Mr. Adeildo Silva. When picked up, the finder claimed that one side was warm and the other cold. Unequilbrated, well-developed chondritic texture. 


0.87 grams, SOLD

0.87 grams, $35.00

2.38 grams, $20.00
0.49 grams, SOLD


Kirov region, Russia
H4 chondrite.

Found  1992
Found on the shore of the Vyatka river.  

Novosibirsk region, Russia
H5 chondrite.
Fell  October 11, 1950

Two stones were recovered, 10.8kg TKW.  

Santa Fe, Argentina
L/LL4 chondrite.
Found  1941
A single mass of 80kg was found. Very little distributed. The main mass is privately held.   

Kymi, Finland
L6 chondrite.
Found  1962
4 kg found. Almost all of this meteorite is at the Helsinki Geology Museum/University.

1.12 grams, $20.00
0.95 grams, $90.00
1.00 grams, $90.00

Vidin, Bulgaria
L6 chondrite.
Fell June 01, 1873
After detonations a stone of 3.6 kg fell in a forest at "Virba, Belgrade Dijk".  




Natrona County, Wyoming
L4 chondrite

Found 1948
Found on the ground surface, not buried. Chondrules, Ni/Fe grains. Light/Dark lithology.
Connecticut, H4

Fell December 14, 1807
Historic USA meteorite.
Visible chondrules, clean fragment.
Mitchel County, Kansas
  L6 chondrite.

Found 1873.
A brecciated chondrite, no oxides, very clean. Nice size and detail. 

Maricopa County, Arizona
L6 chondrite

Found 1940
A black chondrite, brecciated, veined, with melt pockets.
0.58 grams, $20.00


1.76 grams, SOLD

Ashburton district, Western Australia, Australia
H5 chondrite

Found 1989
Found at Warden Pool near the Ashburton River.

West Forrest
Nullarbor Plain, Western Australia, Australia
H5 chondrite

Found 1971
One stone of 170.6 grams was found about 10 miles NW of Forrest station on the Trans-Australian Railway.

Wellman (c)
Terry County,
H4 chondrite
Found, 1964

From the Huss Collection of meteorites.

Warburton Range Western Australia, Australia Iron, IVB
Found 1963
This ataxite was found 12 miles south of Warburton Mission. 17.8% Ni.

1.10 grams, $30.00

2.34 grams, $25.00
0.50 grams, $55.00

Whetstone Mountains
Cochise County,

H5 chondrite
Fell June 23, 2009
Visible chondrules, clean fragment. 2,138 grams total recovered.

White River
H6 chondrite
Found 2013
Found at the drainage basin of the White River.1,688 grams found.

Highly recrystalized..

Western Australia, Wiluna district, Australia
H5 chondrite
Fell September 02, 1967
After sighting a fireball, a shower of stones fell, estimated to be around 500 to 1,000, over a ground ellipse of 4 x 2 miles.

1.126 grams, SOLD
0.800 grams, $60.00

X, Y, Z
Yorktown (Texas)
 DeWitt County, Texas. H5 chondrite
Found 1957
Found in a field. Also known as "Myersville (a)
  Yarle Lake 001
Nullarbor Plain, South Australia, Australia
  H5 chondrite.
Found 1990
Only 914 grams found half buried on a sandy hillside

Hebei, China
L3 chondrite
Fell April 12, 2008
Multiple pieces of meteorite were reported to have sruck a house. Approximately 2 kg were recovered.
Yelland Dry Lakes
Yelland Dry Lake Bed
 H4 chondrite.
Found 2007
Classified by Alan Rubin, UCLA

2.32 grams, $20.00   2.24 grams, $30.00   SOLD
1.92 grams,$25.00
Big Plain,
New South Wales, Australia
  L6 chondrite.
Found 1914
5.8kg found, 4.8kg held in museums. 

QuinHai, ChinaHebei, China
L5 chondrite
Fell February 11, 2012
An estimated 100 kg of stones were receovered in a reported group of 10 stones. The interior is primarily white or grayish with tiny metal-troilite nodules and sparse shock veining.

Southern province, Malawi
L6 chondrite.
Fell January 25, 1899

Found on the slopes of Mt. Zomba.

Zamosc, Poland
Aubrite, AUB-AN
Found Sept, 1998

An anomalous enstatite achondrite.Granoblastic texture, unusual. 

1.00 grams SOLD
0.43 grams, $90.00

Western Sahara
H3-6 chondrite.
Fell August 04, 1998
Large Fall, 175 kg.
Also known as Sagd.

L6 chondrite.
Fell August 01, 1897
Historic. Four stones fell, of about 95 kg.  More are believed to have fallen into the river Drina. Also known as "Rozanj"

1.796 grams, $30.00



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