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An affordable way to start a collection or to add Type specimens and Classifications to an existing one.

Offered are lab prepared, small sections and specimens of specific, well-researched and published meteorites. All are supplied in a clear 1x1 inch acrylic case with label and weight..

These are similar to micromount minerals except that micromount meteorites are not physically "mounted" or attached to a surface. Each can be closely examined further with a hand lens or low power microscope.

Micromount specimens are the most inexpensive and affordable way to begin a reference collection for study and enjoyment. Many specimens offered on this page are difficult to acquire meteorite localities or classifications.

All images were taken of the specimens being offered. 


Micro Meteorites

  Micromount meteorites in 1x1 acrylic cases with labels
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Micro Meteorites for Sale, A - L

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   Indicates Observed Fall.
Michigan H5

Fell July 10, 1899
Light grey,almost white, many visible chondrules. Fell on Thomas Hill, Saugatuck Road, Allegan, MI

Valley County, Nebraska
 LL6 chondrite
Found 1937
Was listed in the Nininger Collection of Meteorites
Whitman County, Washington, Iron, IVA

Found 1966 in a wheat field
  Arbol Solo
San Luis, Argentina
  H5 chondrite
Fell Sept. 1954

Only 810 grams of this meteorite are preserved


2.16 grams, $85


1.38 grams,  $30.00  

2.48 grams, $35.00

  1.46 grams,  $145.00

Cheyenne County, Colorado, L5 chondrite

Found, 1940, a brecciated meteorite. Large surface area.

  H5 chondrite
Fell November 20, 2016
Isolated melt pockets.
Lombardy, Italy, L6 chondrite

Fell  February 16, 1883. A lightly shocked chondrite. Historic.

Vally County, Nebraska
LL6 chondrite.

Found1937, formerly in the Nininger Collection of Meteorites.


1.18 grams,  $60.00
1.02 grams $80.00  
0.95 grams $25.00

Yuma County, Colorado, L5 chondrite.

Found 1967
Plowed up in a field.

Aldama (b)
Chihuahua, Aldama, Mexico
H5 chondrite
Found 1996
Found by a "rockhound" while serching for minerals.  
Lyon County, Kansas,  Palasite, MG

Found 1881
Stony-iron MG pallasite. Olivine crystal. 

Chihuahua, Mexico
, Carbonaceous chondrite, CV3
Fell February 08, 1969.
One of the most important meteorites to have in a collection. Visible chondrules and CAI's. No oxides, this is a nice Allende specimen for study.

1.38 grams, $30.00

1.48 grams,  $20.00
0.63 grams, $20.00
1.02 grams $25.00

Lincoln County, Colorado
 L5 chondrite
Found 1936
The main mass, 9.9kg, was once in the Nininger Collection of Meteorites.

Gaines County, Texas, H5 chondrite
Found February 1969
Black, chondrules, rarely offered.

Arrabury Station, Queensland, Australia
  H6 chondrite
Found 1960
Found near Arrabury waterhole.

Atoka County, Oklahoma.
L6 chondrite
Fell September 17, 1945
Only 1.38kg recovered and preserved in collections.

1.30 grams,  $25.00
1.26 grams, $25.00
0.49 grams,  $20.00

McLennon County, Texas, CV3 carbonaceous chondrite.
Found 1943
Exceptional display of chondrules on all surfaces.

Hockley County, Texas, H4 chondrite.
Found 1995
Bright Ni/Fe grains and inclusions. Almost all of this meteorite is at the Natural History Museum in Vienna.

Arroyo Aguiar
Santa Fe,
H5 chondrite

Fell 1050
One stone of 7.45 kg was seen to fall and was found soon after at a depth of 50 cm.

Emilia-Romagna, Modena, Italy
L/LL4 chondrite

July 1766
Historic Fall. Visible chondrules, Ni/Fe grains. 

0.57 grams,  $50.00
1.86 grams, $25.00

0.71 grams,  $30.00


Collin County, Texas H4 chondrite
Found 1923
A shock veined chondrite.

Punjab, Nurpur, Pakistan. Enstatite chondrite, EH4
Fell May 01, 1919
Black, impact-melt, enstatite chondrite. Rare

Lyon County, Kansas. Stony-iron, pallasite, PAL-MG
Found 1881
Fragmental olivine in a  Ni/Fe matix.

Akron 1940
Washington County, Colorado
H6 chondrite
Found 1940
Rare, only about 1,000 grams preserved..

2.36 grams,  $20.00

2.08 grams,  40.00
0.54 grams, 25.00

Aba Panu
Oyo, Nigeria
L3 chondrite
Fell April 19, 2018

A large meteoroid detonated at an altitude of 30km over the Nigerian State of Oyo. Many small stones were recovered from this well-documented Fall.

Maharashtra, India
H6 chondrite
Fell August 09, 1939

Black,  single stone, 17.9kg. 26.74% total Fe.

One of the black chondrites, spectral study by Carly Pieters, Brown University, Meteoritics,  1991, 26, p. 279.

Colfax County, New Mexico.
H3-6 chondrite
Found 1951
Partially unequilibrated, contains CM-like xenoliths.
25.35% total Fe.

Al Ghanim
 Rub'al khali
Saudi Arabia
L6 chondrite
Found 1960

3.76kg was found. Polished surface area, visible Ni/Fe grains..

1.234 grams,  $60.00

1.03 grams, $30.00

1.64 grams, $25.00

Winnemucca, Co Nevada
H4 chondrite
Found 2012
Found 10 cm below the surface while prospecting for gold.
TKW, a single stone, 754 grams.

0.865 grams, $40.00

South Dakota, H4
Fell August 29, 1892
Light oxidation, brecciated, distinct chondrules,
 25.41% Fe.
Alberta, Canada
L6 chondrite

Fell March 04, 1960
  An important Canadian meteorite Fall. Clean, unoxidized fragment.

Ness County, Kansas, LL6 chondrite.

Found 1924..
Nice surface area, veined brecciated. .
Luzon, Phillipines, Mesosiderite..
Found 1956
  Stony-iron, mesosiderite. 

0.49 grams, $30.00
0.50 grams, $40.00  

0.61 grams, $20.00

1.44 grams, $25.00

Kiowa Co., Kansas, Pallasite

Found 1882
From a large, historic find. .
Beaver County, Oklahoma
, L5
Found 1940
Used as a  door stop in the County jail for around 40 years.
Burns Flat
 Washita, Oklahoma, L6 chondrite.

Found 1971
Lab prepared, polished surface. Abundant Ni/Fe inclusions.
Burkina Faso, ADIO

October 27, 1999.

A brecciated Diogenite. Rare classification.


2.58 grams, $20.00

1.12 grams, $25.00

0.60 grams, $20.00

0.45 grams, $20.00
Big Rock Donga Nullarbor Plain, Australia, L6 chondrite. Found 1962
Belle Plaine
 Sumner County, Kansas
 L6 chondrite.
Found 1950
Large surface area.
Zemgale, Latvia, L6

Fell June 02, 1863
Historic, veined chondrite that fell in Latvia. One exterior surface is fusion crusted.

Zemgale, Latvia, L6

Fell June 02, 1863
Historic, veined chondrite that fell in Latvia. 


1.86 grams, $25.00

2.46 grams, $25.00

1.32 grams, partial fusion crusted, $110.00
1.41 grams, $90.00

Burns Flat
 Washita, Oklahoma, L6 chondrite.

Found 1971
Lab prepared, polished surface. Abundant Ni/Fe inclusions, nice surface area.

  McCullock County, Texas
L6  chondrite.

Found 1937
  Only 927 grams found. Seldom seen available.  Originally in the Nininger Collection of Meteorites

Pembina County,
North Dakota. L6 chondrite

Found 1962
A nice specimen, nice size for the price.

South Dakota, H4
Fell August 29, 1892
Light oxidation, brecciated, distinct chondrules,
 25.41% Fe.

0.40 grams, $20.00
0.91 grams, $65.00
0.90 grams, $25.00
0.85 grams, $40.00

Union County,
New Mexico
L5 chondrite
Found 1937
Veined chondrite. Clean, polished surface. 

Pecos County, Texas, H5 chondrite

Found 1994
Spotted from a moving vehicle at the edge of a road.

Bath Furnace
Bath County, Kentucky
L6 chondrite

Fell November 15, 1902
A single 86kg stone was found, 82kg are at the Chicago Field Museum. Very little available for collectors.

Briscoe County, Texas
L5 chondrite
Found 1940
Only 1,773 grams were found and most of this meteorite is at the London Nat. History Museum.

1.06 grams, $20.00
3.02 grams, $$30.00

0.58 grams, $45.00

2.52 grams,  $30.00

Boumdeid 2011
Assaba, Mauritania
L6 chondrite

Fell September 14, 2011
Light gray matrix, many chondrules, slight oxidation, fusion crusted specimen.

Perkins Co., Nebaska
L6/7 chondrite

Fell 1975
This one is unusual, the silicates are recrystallized.Rarely offered. 

Beni M'hira
Tatahouine, Tunisia
L6 chondrite

Fell January 08, 2001
Seen to fall by the inhabitants of Ksar Beni M'hira, a small village 35 km east of Foum Tatahouine.

Broken Bow
Custer County, Nebraska
H4 chondrite

Found 1937
Only one 6.8kg stone was found.

0.52 grams, $25.00

1.80 grams,  $25.00

1.26 grams, $25.00

1.94 grams, $30.00

Weld County, Colorado
Achondrite, Eucrite
Fell October 05, 2004

The finders heard a whistling and a thump, then saw a small cloud of dust kicked up in a horse pen about 100 feet away. They recovered the single 960 gram stone with glossy black fusion crust from a few inches below the surface.

Ashkhabad, Turkmenistan
L6 chondrite

Found 1978

4.12 kg found buried in sand in the Karakuth desert.

Cibola County
New Mexico
Found 1946
A medium octahedrite, 8.12% Ni. Vivid Widmanstatten Pattern, 9.54kg found. The main mass, 9,010grams is at U of New Mexico.

Bullhead City
Mohave Desert
L6 chondrite

Found 2012

4.97kg found.
 Contains thin veins of metal-sulfide.Relic fusion crust.

0.498 grams, $200.00




Pawnee County,
H6 chondrite

Found 1940

A single 8.6 kg stone laid in a farm yard for 17 years before being recognized.

Barnstable, Massachusetts
H4 chondrite

Found 2018

Several fragments weighing 14.28 kg were found partially buried. White-colored chondrules. Rare to have a Massachusetts meteorite in a collection.

Battle Mountain
Hombolt County, Nevada
L6 chondrite

Fell August 22, 2012

Several stones were observed to fall in weather radar imagery from the US NEXRAD radar network. About 2.9 kg have been reported to been recovered.

Bazine Creek Bazine, Kansas
L6 chondrite

Found 2014
Found while hunting arrowheads.

Only 438 grams found


1.096 grams, $40.00
1.224 grams, $85.00
1.08 grams, $45.00

Beaver Harrison
Beaver-Harrison Mine, Beaver County, Utah
L6 chondrite

Found 1979

A single stone of 925 grams, was found near the entrance of the abandoned Beaver-Harrison Mine, Beaver Lake Mountains, Utah.

L6 chondrite

Fell July 27, 2018

Multiple stones were found following detonations. 20 kg was recovered. Fusion crusted part slice.

Marrakech-Tensifi-El Haouz, Morocco
LL6 chondrite

Fell November 22, 2004

This was a true meteorite shower. Multipe stones were witnessed to fall by many of the townspeople. A reported 25 to 30 kg were recovered.

Colonia Berduc, Argentina
L6 chondrite

Fell April 07, 2008

A bright bolide of absolute magnitude -162 was widely seen over Argentina and Uruguay. The fireball was recorded by U.S. satellite visible-light sensors.Fusion crusted.

1.096 grams, $40.00
0.866 grams, $40.00
1.402 grams, $55.00
1.02 grams, $60.00

Billygoat Donga
Nullarbor Plain, Western Australia, Australia
L6 chondrite

Found 1962

Three masses were found 5 miles North of Billygoat Donga and about 21 miles NE of Sleeper Camp. Total weight is unknown. Two masses have been lost. 893 grams remain accounted for.

Rush County, Kansas
LL6 chondrite

Found 1958

Impact-melt breccia, two specimens found, approximately 11 kg.

Buzzard Coulee
Wilton Rural Municipality, Saskatchewan, Canada
H4 chondrite

Fell November 20, 2008

A bright fireball was widely observed across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba during late twilight on November 20, 2008.

Abundant sonic sounds, explosive and sonic booms were heard with 41 kg recovered.

1.936 grams, $45.00
0.977 grams, $35.00
0.933 grams, $65.00

Cole Creek
  Sherman Co., Nebraska, H5 chondrite

Found 1991
Exposed during a road cut.  Nice specimen.
Cat Mountain
Pima County, Arizona
L5 chondrite. Impact-melt breccia.
Found 1981
This is an "always in demand" meteorite but only 2.7kg was found.  Nice specimen.

Camel Donga
Eucrite (Vesta)

Found January, 1984
Very nice eucrite meteorite. Fusion crusted.
Cordoba, Argentina, H5 chondrite

Found 1937, rare meteorite from Argentina.
1.56 grams, $20.00
1.56 grams, $90.00
1.70 grams, $30.00
1.42 grams, $38.00

Cangas de Onis
Spain, H5

Fell December 6, 1866
Regolith breccia, A historic Fall.

Conception Junction,  Missouri
Stony iron, pallasite
Found 2006
A very nice addition to any collection.

Cumberland Falls
Whitley County, Kentucky
  Stone, enstatite achondrite, aubrite.

Fell April 09, 1919 Very clear brecciation, contains type 3 chondritic clasts. A unique meteorite. Thin fragment, lots to see

West Java, Sampora, Indonesia
L5 chondrite.
Fell May 7, 1979
Shock veined, contains maskelynite.

0.64 grams, $30.00
2.58 grams, $50.00
  0.33 grams, $110.00
2.38 grams, $90.00

Conception Junction,  Missouri
Stony iron, pallasite
Found 2006
A very nice addition to any collection.

Lincoln County, Colorado
 L6 chondrite

Found 1962
An unusual looking rock that became part of a rock garden until it was discovered to be a meteorite. Bright Ni/Fe grains.

Caddo County, Oklahoma.
L6 chondrite

Found 1963

Once a part of the Nininger Collection of Meteorites

Western Australia, Australia.
H5 chondrite

Found 1949
Many Ni/Fe inclusions and grains.

1.90 grams, $40.00

1.50 grams, $25.00
1.46 grams, $30.00
1.42 grams, $25.00

Dallam County, Texas
 H5 chondrite

Found 1941
The chondrules in this meteorite are easily seen. Only 2.4kg found

Montezuma County, Colorado
H6 chondrite
Found 1940
Veined chondrite, once held in the Nininger Colection of Meteorites.

Evans County, Georgia
  L6 chondrite

Fell December 10, 1984

Struck a mailbox on impact. Only 1455 grams recovered.

Montgomery County, Kansas
 H5 chondrite
Found 2006
  Chocolate brown matrix, Ni/Fe inclusions, large surface area

1.42 grams, $20.00
1.24 grams, $25.00
0.12 grams,  $120.00

1.84 grams, $20.00

Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, Mexico
 H5 chondrite

Found 1983
Ni/Fe grains and inclusions, large surface area.

Bacs-Kiskun, Hungary
H4 chondrite

Found 2012
Excavated during plowing. Very rare to have a Hungarian meteorite.

Lincoln County, Colorado
 L6 chondrite

Found 1962
An unusual looking rock that became part of a rock garden until it was discovered to be a meteorite.Bright Ni/Fe grains.

Western Australia, Australia
 L6 chondrite

Found 1967

A single stone of 10.82 kg was found near Credo pastoral station, 50 mile NW of Kalgoorlie.

1.50 grams,  $20.00
0.55 grams, $60.00
1.78 grams,  $25.00
0.65 grams,  $25.00

San Luis Obispo County
 L6 chondrite

Fell October 23, 2015

688 grams recovered.

Several small stones were recovered. The finders located the first stone on 27 October, along the road (California Route 41), 7.3 km northeast of Creston, San Luis Obispo County.

De Witt County, Texas
 H5 chondrite

Found 1936
A single 46.5 kg stone was found along Chisolm Creek.3 miles South of Cuero.

A veined chondrite.

0.196 grams,  $110.00
1.90 grams,  $30.00

Dumas b
Moore County
H6 chondrite,

Found 1980
"Noticed" after being struck by a lawn mower. 2.28kg found, single stone.
Drake Creek
Sumner County, Tennessee, L6 chondrite.

Fell May 09, 1828
Very clean, curated specimen. Fusion crusted. A superb specimen.

Himachi Pradesh, India,  LL6 chondrite,

Fell July 14, 1860
Breccia, contains C clasts.
Victoria, Australia  H5 chondrite,

Found 1944
Visible chondrules and Ni/Fe grains.
1.00 grams, $30.00
  0.85 grams, $35.00
1.04 grams, $35.00

Drake Creek
Sumner County, Tennessee, L6 chondrite.

Fell May 09, 1828
Very clean specimen.

Deakin 007
 Western Australia, Australia.
H6  chondrite.

Found 1989
  Only 1.06kg found.

De Nova
Washington County, Colorado
L6 chondrite

Found 1940
Veined chondrite.

 H5 chondrite.

Fell September 5, 1998.
Seven kg of fragments were found in a small crater after the witnessed Fall.

0.83 grams, $60.00
2.5 grams, $25.00
0.71 grams, $30.00

  0.73 grams, $ 45.00

Dhofar, 1575

Found 2009

An ultramafic achondrite containing graphite and diamond. Rare classification.

Western Australia, Australia
  Stony-iron, Mes-A

Found 1923

Many fragments were found, nice mesosiderite.

Logan County, Arkansas.

L4 chondrite
Found 1972
Found by a 12 year old boy while hunting arrowheads. Brecciated.

Davy (a)
DeWitt County
L4 chondrite,

Found 1940
Nice surface area for study. Originally a Nininger specimen

1.14 grams, $50.00
 0.38 grams, $25.00

0.90 grams, $60.00
0.42 grams, $20.00

King County, Texas
Iron, IVB, Ataxite

Found 1994
Kept in a garage for 11 years before being identified in 2008.
High Ni, 16.2 % and high Ir, 29mg/gram.

Del Rio
Val Verde County,
Iron, IIF Ataxite

Found 1994
3.6kg found, A rare classification, only 7 known. 11.34 % Ni.

East Java
H6 chondrite

Fell March 19, 1884
A single stone, 166kg was seen to fall into the Alastoeva river. 

Davy (b)
DeWitt County
H4 chondrite,

Found 1981
3.77 kg was found y Raymond Kyrisch. Classified by McCoy and Ehlmann (TCU).

2.38 grams, $60.00
1.903 grams, $35.00

Donetsk region, Ukraine. L5 chondrite.

Fell  October 17, 1951
A gas-rich, L5 chondrite.
Brava, Somalia
L5 chondrite.

Fell July 1889
Was seen to fall but was left on the surface of the ground for 5 years before being sent for testing.
Edmonson (a)
Hale County, Texas
  L6 chondrite

Found 1955
One fractured specimen was plowed up in a field. Most of this meteorite is at the Max-Planck Institute.
  Elida a
Roosevelt County
New Mexico
L6 chondrite

Found 1968

936 grams found, single stone. Once in the Huss Collection of Meteorites.


0.46 grams, $35.00



0.42 grams, $25.00

0.42 grams, $25.00

El Medano 378
Antofagasta, Chile
  L5 chondrite

Found 2017
2.2 kg found.

Kiowa County, Colorado
 H4 chondrite

Found 1975
The main mass of over 4kg is in a private collection.

Cass County, Nebraska, EL6 enstatite chondrite.

Fell October 01, 1946
Nice unoxidized surface area.

El Boludo
Sonora, Mexico
H5 chondrite.

Found 2013
Abundant Ni/Fe grains.

2.12 grams, $20.00
2.51 grams, $22.00

1.82 grams, $20.00

New South Wales, Delalah County Australia
H5 chondrite

Found 1922
Found on Elsinora Station. 1797 grams of this veined chondrite have been preserved.

Leonora district, Edjudina Station
Western Australia, Australia
H4 chondrite

Found 1969
Found at Edjudina Station by the Geological Surve of Western Australia. 4.48kg found.

Washington County, Colorado
 H5 chondrite

Found 1966
One half of an oriented individual stone was plowed up in a field. It weighed 4.175kg and either broke up in flight or upon impact. There is no information on the other half.

2.02 grams, $30.00
1.42 grams, $35.00
1.222 grams, $35.00

Forestburg (a)
Montague County, Texas. L4 chondrite

Found 1957

Large surface area. 
Lincoln County, Nebraska, USA
L5 chondrite

Found 1937
   Originally researched by Nininger in 1937.
Washington County, Kansas. L5 chondrite

Fell June 25, 1890
Brecciated chondrite, contains maskelynite, Ni/Fe grains, chondrules. Large surface area.

Frankel City
  Andrews County, Texas. L6 chondrite

Found 1977
A nice, cut fragment. 
1.30 grams, $20.00
1.06 grams, $20.00   SOLD

1.44 grams, $20.00

Forrest Lakes
South Australia, Australia
LL5 chondrite
Light brown matrix, Ni/Fe inclusions, only 500 grams found.

Terry County, Texas.
H4 chondrite

Found 1975
Only 1,992 grams found.
Dug up while plowing a corn field.

Mecklenburg County, Virginia
L6 chondrite

Fell July 16, 1924
Four stones totaling 6.067 kg were seen to fall. 5.6 kg are reported to be held in Museum collections.

Parmer County,
L5 chondrite

Found 1981
Two specimens were found in a field. 

0.70 grams, $20.00
0.64 grams, $20.00

1.48 grams, $25.00

Frenchman Bay
Western Australia, Australia
H3.5 chondrite
Found among sand dunes, weathered, 8.8kg, unequilibrated.

Hamadan, Iran

Fell June 27, 2015
Fell onto the roof of a house. Only 630 grams were recovered. Fusion crusted.

Colfax County, New Mexico
H5 chondrite

Found 1936
19.4 kg found in two stones. Listed in the Nininger Collection of Meteorites.

Freemont Butte
Fremont Butte, Colorado
L4 chondrite

Found 1940's.
A 6.647 kg stone was probably found in the 1940's on a farm field but not noticed until 1963. Classified by Glen Huss in 1966.


0.336 grams, $75.00
1.237 grams, $25.00
1.579 grams, $35.00

Bordon County, Texas
H4 chondrite
Found in a farmyard, NW corner of Bordon County, close to the former settlement of Tredway.
  Lynn County, Texas
L4 chondrite

Found 1964
A regolith breccia.

Hansford County, Texas. H4 chondrite.

Found 1934
A difficult-to-find available  Texas meteorite.
Union County, New Mexico
H4 chondrite
Solar gas-rich, veined.


1.80 grams, $30.00


1.04 grams, $30.00

1.52 grams, 25.00

2.34 grams, $30.00
Jiddat al Harasis, Oman
 L5 chondrite

Found 1954
A black, xenolithic chondrite. 

Great Bend
  Barton County, Kansas.
H6 chondrite

Found 1983
Dark grey, bright inclusions of Ni/Fe.
  Smith County, Kansas
H4 chondrite

Found 1983
A single 8.48kg mass was found in a plowed field. 

Hansford County, Texas. H4 chondrite.

Found 1934
A difficult-to-find available  Texas meteorite...

2.34 grams, $$35.00
0.95 grams, $25.00


1.18 grams, 20.00

Grady (c)
  Curry County
New Mexico.
H4 chondrite

Found 1970
Dark grey, bright inclusions of Ni/Fe

  Phillips County, Kansas
L5 chondrite

Found 1912
Chondrules and clasts in a light colored matrix.

  Teleorman,  Romania
H4 chondrite

Found 1990
Many mm-sized chondrules in a light tan colored matrix.

1.20 grams, $25.00
0.99 grams, $30.00
0.49 grams, $35.00

Georgetown (iron)
  Queensland, Australia
Iron, IAB,
"solo" iron-related to the IAB complex.
Found 1912
Silicated iron, 689 grams found. Unusual Widmanstatten Pattern.

Griffith Wash
  Griffith Wash, Arizona
L6 chondrite

Found 2011
A single, 93 gram "brickette-shaped" stone was found while metal detecting for gold.

  Sherman County,
L4 chondrite
Found 1923
Two fragments totaling 3,628 grams were recognized as a meteorite in 1938. Once held in the Nininger Collection of meteorites.

H4 chondrite
Found 2001

11 kg mass found, shock stage S4, classified UNIV of New Mexico.



2.77 grams, $40.00
1.17 grams, $20.00

Greenwell Springs
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
LL4 chondrite

Found 1987
A single, 664 gram  mass was found in front of the finder's house.




Maricopa County, Arizona
H4 chondrite

Shock veined, multiple inclusions, chondrules. Large surface area, 
Haskel County, Texsas
 L5 chondrite

Found 1910
Many Ni/Fe grains, stable, Nice specimen. 
Northern Territory, Australia, Iron, IIIAB
Found 1931
A beautifully shaped iron meteorite.
Philips County, Colorado
 L4 chondrite

Found August, 1975
 A single, 15.5kg stone was found in a wheat field.
 1.38 grams, $30.00    1.62 grams, $25.00    2.94 grams, $25.00    1.08 grams, $20.00

Hamilton (Queensland)
Queensland, Australia
L6 chondrite.

Found 1966
Veined chondrite, buried in mud in a flood-plain of the Balonne River.

Hope Creek Fairbanks, Alaska
Stone, LL6 chondrite

Found 1998
Found with a metal detector while prospecting for gold.

Happy Canyon
Armstrong County, Texas
EL6/7 Enstatite chondrite.
Found 1971
Enstatite chondrite, low-iron subgroup, impact-melt breccia. Seldom offered.

Navajo County, Arizona
L6 chondrite
Fell July 19, 1912
Fusion crusted. A shower of stones was seen to fall after the appearance of a smoky trail in the sky and sonic detonations.

1.92 grams, $35.00
1.02 grams, $35.00
0.75 grams, $55.00
1.18 grams, $60.00

Harrison Township
Greenley County
L6 chondrite
Found 1945
Most of this meteorite is at TCU, Monnig Collection, Fort Worth, TX.

Hughes 003
Nullarbor Plain, South Australia, Australia.
H5 chondrite
Found 1992
41 small stones were found, 3.2kg recovered.

Harvey County
 L6 chondrite

Found July 1951

A single stone, 12.9kg was found.

Greely County
  H5 chondrite

Found 1940

19.7kg was found, two stones. Originally in the Nininger Collection of Meteorites.

1.02 grams, $25.00
1.56 grams, $35.00

  L6 chondrite
Found April 2008

6 fragments totalling 8.91kg was found.

Hobbs b
Lea County
New Mexico

  H5 chondrite
Found 1933
1.6kg found, single stone.
From the Huss Collection of Meteorites.

Turko, Abo

  EL6 enstatite chondrite
Fell October 21, 1901
Brecciated, 14kg found.
Well-studied, many research papers written on this meteorite.

Ica, Peru
  LL3 chondrite
Found April 2014

Single stone, 15kg.

Weathered exterior. Chondrule-rich

1.36 grams, $30.00
1.06 grams, $30.00


Hammond Downs
South Gregory, Queensland, Australia
H4 chondrite

Found 1950

A single 27kg stone was found 7 miles North of the Tenham strewn field.

Barber County, Kansas
  L6 chondrite
Found 1972
13 kg found, single stone.
Found while terracing a field.


1.745 grams, $35.00

 Tomsk region,
H6 chondrite
Fell May 29, 1936
Kulik, the first scientist to trek to and describe the Tunguska event, described this Fall in "Meteoritika, 1941, 1, p.73. 3.97kg preserved in collections.
Stone, achondrite
Eucrite monomict breccia
Found 2000
Only 1,470 grams found.

0.53 grams, $60.00

Hammadah al Hamra, Libya
L6 chondrite
Found Nov 01, 2000

150kg mass found.
Light brown matrix, Ni/Fe inclusions.

Johnson City
Stanton County, Kansas
L6 chondrite
Found 1937
Rare, shock veins, contains ringwoodite.

Punjab, Lyallpur district, Pakistan
L5 chondrite
Fell June 1873, the calender date not recorded.

4 stones, 5.9kg were found in a line after hearing atmospheric detonations.

Juanita de Angeles
Chihuahua, Mexico
H5 chondrite
Found 1992
Found near a mine near Las Amosgoas. Many visible chondrules.

1.68 grams, $25.00


2.88 grams, $25.00

Ningxia, China
L6 chondrite
Fell March 15, 1979
Contains metal-troilite-rich shock veins.


Cotes-du-Nord, France, H5 chondrite.
Fell, November 26, 1874
Most of this meteorite is at the Museum of Natural History in Paris, France.
Kaufman County, Texas
L5 chondrite.
Found 1893
Many Ni/Fe inclusions. Ploughed up in a field. One polished surface.

Arusha, Tanzania
LL6 chondrite.
Fell September 11, 1963
Contains 18.56%, 2.2kg found in a single stone.
Very clean, no oxides, rare Fall from Tanzania.

Roosevelt County, New Mexico.
Ureilite, AURE

Found 1972
Ureilite's are one of the rarest types of meteorites..


0.38 grams, $65.00

2.84 grams, $25.00
0.62 grams, $50.00

0.18 grams, $30.00
Morbihan, France
 H6 chondrite.

Fell, May 22, 1869
A veined chondrite with little available for collectors.
Honshu, Iwate-Ken, Japan, H4 chondrite.
Fell, June 15, 1860
A rare Japanese meteorite for your collection.
Kahuga district, Russia
H4 chondrite
Found July 2004
  Found while collecting mushrooms.
Kaffir (b)
Swisher County, Texas
H4 chondrite.
Found 1966
Kaffir (a) is often seen in collections. This one, Kaffir (b) is not, very little available to collectors.

0.62 grams, $80.00

2.30 grams, $30.00
2.24 grams,$40.00

Astrakhanskaya oblast, Russia
H5 chondrite.
Found 2001
Unusual looking stone meteorite.

Kano State, Nigeria
H4 chondrite

Fell April 25, 1971
A xenolithic chondrite.

Tatarskaya, Russia
CO3.2 carbonaceous chondrite.
Fell September 13, 1937
A rare classification.

Kimble County
Kimble County, Texas
Stone, H6 chondrite
Found 1919 With oxidized fusion crust.

1.18 grams, $25.00

1.16 grams, $25.00

3.36 grams, $30.00

Republic county, Kansas
H4 chondrite

Found 2006
1,368 grams found, single stone, at the edge of a field. This is a nice cut specimen.

Sumy, Ukraine
L6 chondrite

Fell  March 12, 1811

A single 6kg stone was observed to fall. This meteorite is also known as "Poltava".

2.309 grams, $35.00

Lincoln County,
Lincoln County
 L6 chondrite. Colorado.

Found 1937
Found in a cretaceous deposit. Extreme terrestrial age. Breccia, contains melt-veins.
Lost Creek
Lincoln County
H3.8 chondrite

Found 1916
A 4.01kg stone mass was found by a man walking along a fence line.

Lowicz, Poland

Fell March 12, 1935
A rare European mesosiderite. .

Long Island
Phillips County Kansas
 L6 chondrite.

Found 1891
Nice meteorite, large surface area, bright Ni/Fe grains. 
1.66 grams, $25.00   SOLD
  0.85 grams, $94.00   SOLD
Laundry West
Nullarbo Plain, Western Australia, Australia
  L4 chondrite.
Found 1967
Dark brown matrix, Ni/Fe inclusions. Five angular fragments were found for a total weight of 4.002 kg., but only abut 600 grams are accounted for.

Laundry Rockhole
Western Australia, Australia
  H5 chondrite.
Found 1967

Dark brown matrix, Ni/Fe inclusions.

Lubbock County, Texas
  L5 chondrite

Found 1938
1,458 grams were found in  single stone. Impact-melt rock inclusions.   

Dewey Co., Oklahoma
L6 chondrite.

Fell November 25, 1943

A shower of stones were seen to fal, 20 were recovered. 

1.71 grams, $30.00

1.26 grams, $25.00
0.70 grams, $20.00

Eddy County, New Mexico
L6 chondrite.

Found 1955. Struck by the blade of a bulldozer at a depthof around 0.8 meters.. 

Major County, Oklahoma
L5 chondrite.

Found 1963

A farmer found this and believed it was a meteorite. He kept it for 35 years.   

Laguna Manantiales
Santa Cruz, Argentina

Found 1945
One 92kg iron was found.

The main mass was retained by the finder. Only a few small specimens were ever released.    

Saguira el Hamra, Western Sahara
Lunar, feldspathic breccia.
Found 2015

Four stones were found for a total of 337 grams. This is a feldspathic polymict breccia with numerous light/dark clasts. 

3.06 grams, $25.00
1.20 grams, $25.00


Shackelford County, Texas
Iron, IAB, silicated

Found 1973

A farmer found a 34.4kg stone this while clearing rocks from a cotton field.   

Lake Frome 002
South Australia, Australia
H5 chondrite.

Found 1992

201 grams were reported to have been found. Weathering grade, W5.   

Los Angeles
(LA 002)
 Los Angeles County, California
Achondrite, Shergottite

Recognized 1999

A Martian basalt. Two stones, 452.6 and 245.4 grams were found.    

Rajasthan, Pargana Begu, India
L5 chondrite

Fell June 26, 1926

Formally known as "Dabra".
Two stones totalling 9.24 kg were recovered.
8.6 kg at Calcutta Museum of Geology.

1.197 grams, $130.00


0.461 grams, $70.00


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