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An affordable way to start a collection or to add Type specimens and Classifications to an existing one.

Offered are lab prepared, small sections and specimens of specific, well-researched and published meteorites. All are supplied in a clear 1x1 or 2x2 inch acrylic case with label and weight..

These are similar to micromount minerals except that micromount meteorites are not physically "mounted" or attached to a surface. Each can be closely examined further with a hand lens or low power microscope.

Micromount specimens are the most inexpensive and affordable way to begin a reference collection for study and enjoyment. Many specimens offered on this page are difficult to acquire meteorite localities or classifications.

All images were taken of the specimens being offered. 


Micro Meteorites

  Micromount meteorites in 1x1 acrylic cases with labels
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Meteorites for Sale, A - L

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   Indicates Observed Fall.
H5 chondrite

Fell July 10, 1899
Light grey,almost white, many visible chondrules. Fell on Thomas Hill, Saugatuck Road, Allegan, MI. Very clean specimen, no oxides.

Valley County, Nebraska
 LL6 chondrite
Found 1937
Was listed in the Nininger Collection of Meteorites
Whitman County, Washington, Iron, IVA

Found 1966 in a wheat field
  Acfer 075
Tamanghassset, Algeria
H5 chondrite
Found 1990
1,453 grams found, multiple pieces. Chondrules and visible Ni'Fe grains.


2.86 grams, $130.00

1.38 grams,  $30.00  

3.76 grams, $68.00

  2.42 grams, $25.00

Cheyenne County, Colorado, L5 chondrite

Found, 1940, a brecciated meteorite. Large surface area.

  H5 chondrite
Fell November 20, 2016
Isolated melt pockets.
Lombardy, Italy, L6 chondrite

Fell  February 16, 1883. A lightly shocked chondrite. Historic.

Vally County, Nebraska
LL6 chondrite.

Found1937, formerly in the Nininger Collection of Meteorites.

1.40 grams, $30.00

1.18 grams,  $60.00
0.54 grams, $65.00  
0.95 grams $25.00

Yuma County, Colorado, L5 chondrite.

Found 1967
Plowed up in a field.

Aldama (b)
Chihuahua, Aldama, Mexico
H5 chondrite
Found 1996
Found by a "rockhound" while serching for minerals.  
Lyon County, Kansas,  Palasite, MG

Found 1881
Stony-iron MG pallasite. Olivine crystal. 

Chihuahua, Mexico
, Carbonaceous chondrite, CV3
Fell February 08, 1969.
One of the most important meteorites to have in a collection. Visible chondrules and CAI's. Large surface area, nice specimen for study. 27mm x 14mm x 1.5mm.

1.38 grams, $30.00

1.48 grams,  $20.00
0.63 grams, $20.00
1.11 grams, $26.00

Lincoln County, Colorado
 L5 chondrite
Found 1936
The main mass, 9.9kg, was once in the Nininger Collection of Meteorites.

Gaines County, Texas, H5 chondrite
Found February 1969
Black, chondrules, rarely offered.

Arrabury Station, Queensland, Australia
  H6 chondrite
Found 1960
Found near Arrabury waterhole.

Akron 1940
Washington County, Colorado
H6 chondrite
Found 1940

ASU has the main mass.
1.05kg preserved in collections.

1.30 grams,  $25.00
1.26 grams, $25.00
0.49 grams,  $20.00
2.398 grams, $60.00

McLennon County, Texas, CV3 carbonaceous chondrite.
Found 1943
Exceptional display of chondrules on all surfaces.

Hockley County, Texas, H4 chondrite.
Found 1995
Bright Ni/Fe grains and inclusions. Almost all of this meteorite is at the Natural History Museum in Vienna.

Arroyo Aguiar
Santa Fe,
H5 chondrite

Fell 1050
One stone of 7.45 kg was seen to fall and was found soon after at a depth of 50 cm.

Apache Junction
Apache Junction, AZ
before 2005
4 kg, single mass, was found.
 Nice display of Kamacite with cross hatching. Taenite and plessite are common and easily identified.


1.1 grams, $70.00
1.41 grams, $40.00

0.71 grams,  $30.00

2.74 grams, $80.00

Collin County, Texas H4 chondrite
Found 1923
A shock veined chondrite.

Punjab, Nurpur, Pakistan. Enstatite chondrite, EH4
Fell May 01, 1919
Black, impact-melt, enstatite chondrite. Rare

Lyon County, Kansas. Stony-iron, pallasite, PAL-MG
Found 1881
Fragmental olivine in a  Ni/Fe matix.

Akron 1961
Washington County, Colorado
L6 chondrite
Found 1961

4 kg found, single mass. Distinct from the H6 chondrite, Akron (1940).

1.13 grams, $25.00
1.76 grams, $160.00

2.08 grams,  40.00
2.077 grams, $60.00

Aba Panu
Oyo, Nigeria
L3 chondrite
Fell April 19, 2018

A large meteoroid detonated at an altitude of 30km over the Nigerian State of Oyo. Many small stones were recovered from this well-documented Fall.

Harper County, Kansas.
H5 chondrite
Found 1919

One stone of approximately 20 kg was ploughed up in a field.( kg is held at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC

Colfax County, New Mexico.
H3-6 chondrite
Found 1951
Partially unequilibrated, contains CM-like xenoliths.
25.35% total Fe.

Alberta, Canada
EH4 chondrite.
Fell June 10, 1952
The single 107 kg stone penetrated 6 feet into the soil.
High iron subgroup, black, impact-melt breccia. Thin slice, large surface area. The significance of this specimen is the large exposed chondrule. Abee does have minimal condrules but they are rare to be seen except in thin section.

1.234 grams,  $60.00
2.6 grams, $40.00
1.82 grams, $25.00

0.425 grams, $40.00

Winnemucca, Co Nevada
H4 chondrite
Found 2012
Found 10 cm below the surface while prospecting for gold.
TKW, a single stone, 754 grams.

Floyd County, Texas
Stone chondrite
Found 1936

Examined by H. Nininger, not classified.
956 grams found.

Haute Garonne, France
  L5 chondrite
Fell December 09, 1858

Historic Fall. Two stones recovered, 9 kg and 41 kg respectively. Clean, no oxides or staining.

Adrar Bous
 EL5 chondrite
Found 2001
Enstatite chondrite

  A single stone of 360 grams was found. Classified at the Museum  National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France. 

1.308 grams, $45.00
0.840 grams, $90.00

1.40 grams, $110.00

Chaves County, New Mexico
H5 chondrite
Found 1947
75 kg was found in several pieces. Examined and entered into the Nininger Collection of Meteorites.

Alger, Sour el Ghozlane, Algeria
L6 chondrite
Fell August 25, 1865Two stones totalling 50 kg were found 3 miles apart.

Bolede, Ethiopia
H4 chondrite
Fell July 07, 1942

One stone, 6.5 kg was recovered. Only 6 known meteorites have been found in Ethiopia.

Buffalo County, Nebraska
L6 chondrite
Found 1947

8.5 kg was found in two stones. Black matrix with abundant Ni/Fe grains.

4.122 grams, $40.00

1.96 grams, $40.00

ALH 76009
Allan Hills, Antarctica
L6 chondrite
Found 1977

33 specimens weighing 407 kg were found during a helicopeter search  over an area of bare ice.

Ma'an, Jordan
L6 chondrite
Fell 1949

779 grams were recovered in a single stone.

Adams County
H5 chondrite
Found 1928

An oxidized stone of 5.7 kg was found. Once held in the Nininger Collection of Meteorites.

Sao Paulo, Brazil
H4 chondrite
Fell 1952 (evening)

Observed Fall but the actual day was not recorded. 9.33 kg preserved in collections. 7.7 kg held in the Rio de Janeiro, National Museum.

0.49 grams, $70.00
1.30 grams, $130.00
0.922 grams, $45.00
1.429 grams, $40.00

H5 chondrite
Found 1928

An oxidized stone of 5.7 kg was found. Once held in the Nininger Collection of Meteorites.

Piemonte, Italy
H5 chondrite
Fell February 02, 1860

Several stone weighing from 300 grams to 1 kg fell at San Giuliano, Vecchio. Most have been lost over time with only 908 grams preserved in collections. 

1.02 grams, $35.00
0.85 grams, $160.00

South Dakota, H4
Fell August 29, 1892
Light oxidation, brecciated, distinct chondrules, fusion crusted.
 25.41% Fe.
Alberta, Canada
L6 chondrite

Fell March 04, 1960
  An important Canadian meteorite Fall. Clean, unoxidized sectioned, part slice. Fusion crusted.

Ness County, Kansas, LL6 chondrite.

Found 1924..
Nice surface area, veined brecciated. .
Luzon, Phillipines, Mesosiderite..
Found 1956
  Stony-iron, mesosiderite. 

0.94 grams, $50.00
4.04 grams, fusion crusted, $210.00  

0.61 grams, $20.00

1.44 grams, $25.00

Kiowa Co., Kansas, Pallasite

Found 1882
From a large, historic find. .
Beaver County, Oklahoma
L5 chondrite

Found 1940
Used as a  door stop in the County jail for around 40 years. Black matrix, many Ni/Fe grains.
Burns Flat
 Washita, Oklahoma, L6 chondrite.

Found 1971
Lab prepared, polished surface. Abundant Ni/Fe inclusions.
Burkina Faso, ADIO

October 27, 1999.

A brecciated Diogenite. Rare classification. Fusion crusted.


2.58 grams, $20.00

1.12 grams, 40.00

0.60 grams, $20.00

0.905 grams $60.00
Big Rock Donga Nullarbor Plain, Australia, L6 chondrite. Found 1962
Belle Plaine
 Sumner County, Kansas
 L6 chondrite.
Found 1950
Large surface area.
Zemgale, Latvia,
L6 chondrite

Fell June 02, 1863
Historic, veined chondrite that fell in Latvia. One exterior surface is fusion crusted. Excellent interior detail for study.

New South Wales, Townsend Co., Australia
 L4 chondrite

Found 1945
Black, contains melt-rock clasts with abundant chondrules. 


1.86 grams, $25.00

1.71 grams, $55.00

4.34 grams, $280.00

 2.261 grams, $30.00

Bluff b
 Fayette Co., Texas
L4 chondrite.

Found 1917

A single 16 kg stone was found with 15.48 kg held at TCU. Bluff (a) is often available but not Bluff (b). This one is much harder to find now. 

  South Australia, Australia
H6  chondrite.

Found 1963
  Only 992 grams found. Plowed up 12 km SW of Buckleboo railway siding.

Pembina County,
North Dakota. L6 chondrite

Found 1962
A nice specimen, nice size for the price.

South Dakota, H4
Fell August 29, 1892
Light oxidation, brecciated, distinct chondrules,
 25.41% Fe.

1.657 grams, $25.00
0.94 grams, $30.00
0.85 grams, $40.00

Union County,
New Mexico
L5 chondrite
Found 1937
Veined chondrite. Clean, polished surface. 

Pecos County, Texas, H5 chondrite

Found 1994
Spotted from a moving vehicle at the edge of a road.

Alberta, Canada
L6 chondrite

Fell March 04, 1960
  An important Canadian meteorite Fall. Clean, unoxidized sectioned, part slice. Large surface area for the weight.

Briscoe County, Texas
L5 chondrite
Found 1940
Only 1,773 grams were found and most of this meteorite is at the London Nat. History Museum.

1.067 grams, $40.00

 2.82 grams, $35.00


1.14 grams, $30.00

Old Castillia, Burgos, Spain
L6 chondrite

Fell July 08, 1811
Historic Fall

1.44 kg preserved in national collections.

Perkins Co., Nebaska
L6/7 chondrite

Found August 1975
This one is unusual, the silicates are recrystallized. Found in a wheat field and rarely offered. 

Beni M'hira
Tatahouine, Tunisia
L6 chondrite

Fell January 08, 2001
Seen to fall by the inhabitants of Ksar Beni M'hira, a small village 35 km east of Foum Tatahouine. Fusion crusted.

Broken Bow
Custer County, Nebraska
H4 chondrite

Found 1937
Only one 6.8kg stone was found.

0.417 grams, $70.00

1.72 grams, $40.00

1.66 grams, $35.00

1.94 grams, $30.00

Bonita Springs
Lee County
Stone, H5 chondrite
Found 1938

A single stone of 41.8 kg was found in a Native American burial mound.
Dark brown/black matrix with abundant bright Ni/Fe grains.

Iron, IAB octahedrite

Found 1994

A single 80 kg mass was found near Begorria dam.

New South Wales
Found 1968
A single weathered and fisured mass was found approximately 100 miles N of Broken Hill and within one mile of Moorabie.
9.1 kg were found in a single stone.

Bullhead City
Mohave Desert
L6 chondrite

Found 2012

4.97kg found.
 Contains thin veins of metal-sulfide.Relic fusion crust.

1.06 grams, $45.00
2.78 grams, $40.00
1.609 grams, $35.00


Porten Settlement, New Brunswick, Canada
LL6 chondrite

Fell January 16, 1949

Two stones recovered, totalling 2.84 kg. Brecciated. Once in the Nininger Collection of Meteorites. 

Barnstable, Massachusetts
H4 chondrite

Found 2018

Several fragments weighing 14.28 kg were found partially buried. White-colored chondrules. Rare to have a Massachusetts meteorite in a collection. Thin slice, large surface area.

Battle Mountain
Hombolt County, Nevada
L6 chondrite

Fell August 22, 2012

Several stones were observed to fall in weather radar imagery from the US NEXRAD radar network. About 2.9 kg have been reported to been recovered. Fusion crusted specimen.

Bazine Creek Bazine, Kansas
L6 chondrite

Found 2014
Found while hunting arrowheads.

Only 438 grams found

0.963 grams, $70.00
0.822 grams, 30.00
1.57 gams, $80.00
1.13 grams, $90.00

 Lee County,
South Carolina
Stone, Aubrite

Fell March 25, 1843

A single stone of 13 kg was recovered after the Fall. Aubrites are enstatite achondrites. They are rare for any collection.

L6 chondrite

Fell July 27, 2018

Multiple stones were found following detonations. 20 kg was recovered. Fusion crusted part slice.

Marrakech-Tensifi-El Haouz, Morocco
LL6 chondrite

Fell November 22, 2004

This was a true meteorite shower. Multipe stones were witnessed to fall by many of the townspeople. A reported 25 to 30 kg were recovered.

Cochran County
H4 chondrite

Found 1970

A single weathered specimen of 30.5 kg was found at a depth of 18 to 20 inches while deep plowing. Dark brown matrix. 


1.402 grams, $55.00
1.78 grams, $35.00

Billygoat Donga
Nullarbor Plain, Western Australia, Australia
L6 chondrite

Found 1962

Three masses were found 5 miles North of Billygoat Donga and about 21 miles NE of Sleeper Camp. Total weight is unknown. Two masses have been lost. 893 grams remain accounted for.

Bur Gheluai
Bur-Hagaba, Somalia
H5 chondrite

Fell October 16, 1919

A xenolithic chondrite, Multiple stones, 120 kg recovered.

Buzzard Coulee
Wilton Rural Municipality, Saskatchewan, Canada
H4 chondrite

Fell November 20, 2008

A bright fireball was widely observed across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba during late twilight on November 20, 2008.

  41 kg recovered. This is an important Canadian meteorite.

Gers, France
H5 chondrite

Fell July 24, 1790

Historic Fall
Many small stones fell after detonations were heard. An estimated 6.4 kg is preserved in university and museum collections.
This is a hard one to find available for collectors.

1.83 grams, $25.00
1.47 grams, $90.00

Beaver Harrison
Beaver County, Utah, USA
L6 chondrite

Found July 24, 1979
Found on the surface of an alluvial fan at the abandoned Beaver-Harrison Mine, Beaver Lake Mountains. 925 grams recovered.

.Babb's Mill Troost's Iron
Greene County, Tennessee
Iron, IRUNGR Ataxite

Found 1942
A 14 pound iron mass was ploughed up 10 miles N of Greenville in 1842. 17.7% Ni.

Donetsk region, Ukraine
L6 chondrite

Fell Feb 15, 1814
A single 18 kg mass was seen to fall. Most of this sone meteorite is held in university and museum collections.

Lafayette County, Wisconsin
H6 chondrite

Found 1958

A 25.3 kg veined chondrite, single stone, was found. Dark grey/brown matrix with inclusions of Ni/Fe.

1.61 grams, $65.00

1.371 grams, $135.00
0.930 grams, $35.00

United Kingdom
L5 chondrite

Fell December 24, 1965
A shower of small stones fell with a total of 44 kg recovered. Barwell is an L chondrite with H chondrite clasts. 34.7 kg is held in collections at the Natural History Museum in London.


  Dickeon County, Tennessee
IVA iron

Fell July 31, 1835
A 9.5 kg drop-shaped mass was recovered. Fine octahedrite, clear Widmanstatten Pattern.
Cat Mountain
Pima County, Arizona
L5 chondrite. Impact-melt breccia.
Found 1981
This is an "always in demand" meteorite but only 2.7kg was found.  Nice specimen that shows melt and chondritic sections

Camel Donga
Eucrite (Vesta)

Found January, 1984
Very nice eucrite meteorite. Large fusion crusted area. Beautiful specimen, fusion crusted.
Cordoba, Argentina, H5 chondrite

Found 1937, rare meteorite from Argentina.

2.36 grams, $130.00
1.44 grams, fusion crusted, $55.00
1.42 grams, $30.00

Cangas de Onis
Spain, H5

Fell December 6, 1866
Regolith breccia, A historic Fall.

Conception Junction,  Missouri
Stony iron, pallasite
Found 2006
A very nice addition to any collection.

Cumberland Falls
Whitley County, Kentucky
  Stone, enstatite achondrite, aubrite.

Fell April 09, 1919 Very clear brecciation, contains type 3 chondritic clasts. A unique meteorite. Thin fragment, lots to see

Macon County, Alabama
 Iron, IIAB
Found 1935, recognized as a meteorite, 1957.
5.5% Ni, 94 kg found in one mass. The main mass is at the Carver Museum in Tuskegee, Alabama. Rare.

2.75 grams, $120.00
2.58 grams, $50.00

  Atacama, Chile
Stone, achondrite, Eucrite-m
Found 1967
Only one oriented stone of approximately 500 grams was found.A non-cumulate and unbrecciated eucrite.

Lincoln County, Colorado
 L6 chondrite

Found 1962
An unusual looking rock that became part of a rock garden until it was discovered to be a meteorite. Bright Ni/Fe grains.

Caddo County, Oklahoma.
L6 chondrite

Found 1963

Once a part of the Nininger Collection of Meteorites

Western Australia, Australia.
H5 chondrite

Found 1949
Many Ni/Fe inclusions and grains.

0.22 grams, $20.00

1.50 grams, $25.00
2.48 grams, $50.00
1.42 grams, $25.00

Dallam County, Texas
 H5 chondrite

Found 1941
The chondrules in this meteorite are easily seen. Only 2.4kg found

Montezuma County, Colorado
H6 chondrite
Found 1940
Veined chondrite, once held in the Nininger Colection of Meteorites.

Hartley County
  H5 chondrite

Found 1936

Multiple fragments totalling 15.3 kg were found.Testing revealed a chlorine abundance.

Montgomery County, Kansas
 H5 chondrite
Found 2006
  Chocolate brown matrix, Ni/Fe inclusions, large surface area

3.21 grams, $35.00
2.54 grams, $45.00
1.66 grams, $35.00

1.84 grams, $20.00

Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, Mexico
 H5 chondrite

Found 1983
Ni/Fe grains and inclusions, large surface area.

Bacs-Kiskun, Hungary
H4 chondrite

Found 2012
Excavated during plowing. Very rare to see a Hungarian meteorite offered.

Lincoln County, Colorado
 L6 chondrite

Found 1962
An unusual looking rock that became part of a rock garden until it was discovered to be a meteorite.Bright Ni/Fe grains.

Western Australia, Australia
 L6 chondrite

Found 1967

A single stone of 10.82 kg was found near Credo pastoral station, 50 mile NW of Kalgoorlie.

1.68 grams,  $25.00
1.08 grams, $110.00

1.78 grams,  $25.00
0.65 grams,  $25.00

Santiago de Cali, Columbia
  H/L4 chondrite

Fell July 6, 2007

478 grams reported to have been recovered.

Partial fusion crusted fragment.

De Witt County, Texas
 H5 chondrite

Found 1936
A single 46.5 kg stone was found along Chisolm Creek.3 miles South of Cuero.

A veined chondrite.

Loiret, Meung, France
  H6 chondrite

Fell November 23, 1810

Historic Fall. Three stones were seen to fall, only two were recovered, 18 kg and 9 kg. Less than 8 kg preserved.

Glasscock County, Texas
  L6 chondrite

Found 1939

A single 93.5 kg stone was found. Once in the Nininger Collection of Meteorites.

0.48 grams, $70.00

2.63 grams, 35.00

1.19 grams, $30.00

Claytonville b
Swisherville County, Texas
  H5 chondrite

Found 1979
Examined by Dr. Glenn Huss in 1979, and entered into his collection. The 5.136 kg stone was not formally classified and is not paired with Claytonville.

Dhar Adrar, Mauritania
Stony-iron, Mesosiderite -B1

Found 1920

A enormous mass, said to be 100 meters long and 45 meters high was initially reported. This huge mass was never substantiated. In its place was found a 4.05 kg Stony-iron meteorite.

Caddo County Caddo County, Oklahoma
Iron, IAB, silicated iron.
Found 1987

A single 35lb mass along with around 5lbs of fragments were found during plowing by a farmer. Its relationship to winonaites was studied by G. K. Bendix et al., LPSC, 1995.

Terni, Umbria, Italy
H5 chondrite

Fell February 03, 1890
After observing a fireball and detonations, only a single 5 kg stone was found. Most of this meteorite is held in international museums, but only 168 grams is known to be in Italy.

1.04 grams,  $20.00


Colby (Wisconsin)
Clark County, Wisconsin
  L6 chondrite

Fell July 4, 1917
2 stones recovered,104 kg. Veined chondrite, grey/tan matrix, chondrules, metal grains.

Cunere, Angola

  L6 chondrite

Fell October 20, 1966

A shower of stones, no TKW, fell over a 6 sq km area.

Piemonte, Alessandria, Italy
H5 chondrite
Fell July 17, 1840
A brecciated chondrite.
Historic Fall.

Vendee, France
  L6 chondrite

Fell August 05, 1812
Historic Fall
1 stone recovered,
31.5 kg. Almost all of this meteorite is held in National Museums.


1.55 grams, $55.00

  0.912, $140.00

Carancas, Chucuito, Puno, Peru

  Stone, H4-5 chondrite

Fell September 15, 2007
Only a reported 342 grams was recovered. Light grey, minor Ni/Fe grains and small chondrules are visible.This is likely the only listing that will be seen of this stone chondrite.

Pratt County, Kansas
  H4 chondrite

Found 1911

2 stones totalling about 10 kg was found in 1911, but was reported to have fallen on December 22, 1902. Chromitic chondrules and inclusions.

Mokhtar, Erg Chech, Mali

  H5 chondrite

Fell July 03, 2007

A large Fall of over 100 kg of small stones were recovered. A significient number of stones consist of chondritic clasts set in a fine-grained, black, silicate impact-melt matrix.
Fusion crusted.

Kahama district, Chela village, Tanzania
H4 chondrite

Fell July 12, 1988

After a shower, several small stones were recovered.

A total of 2.963 kg is preserved in collections. 

1.561 grams, $30.00
1.283 grams, $70.00
0.320 grams, $55.00

 New South Wales, Austalia
Iron, IIF

Found before 1964

Corowa is a plessitic iron, one of only 7 known. It's a Ni-rich ataxite with troilite nodules. Plessite is not a mineral. It is more a texture or fine-grained mixture of kamacite and taenite. Microscopically, IIF irons offer a stark contrast to other iron meteorites in their texture.

Sumner Co

 L chondrite, impact-melt

Found 1961

12.9 kg mass was found. Caldwell is an impact-melt breccia.

Sonora, Mexico

Iron, IID, medium octahedrite.
Found 1923

A single 454 kg mass was found in 1923.
This is a spectacular octahedrite, vivid kamacite and plesittic fields.

Carbonado Diamond



A black diamond believed to be of extraterrestrial origin. Frothy exterior typical of carbonado diamonds found in Brazil.

2.08 grams, $30.00
3.6 ct. $320.00

Dumas b
Moore County
H6 chondrite,

Found 1980
"Noticed" after being struck by a lawn mower. 2.28kg found, single stone.
Drake Creek
Sumner County, Tennessee, L6 chondrite.

Fell May 09, 1828
Very clean, a curated specimen. Ni/Fe grains, chondrules. Partial fusion crust.

Himachi Pradesh, India,  LL6 chondrite,

Fell July 14, 1860
Breccia, contains C clasts.
Victoria, Australia  H5 chondrite,

Found 1944
Visible chondrules and Ni/Fe grains.
1.531 grams, 90.00   1.32 grams, $80.00
1.04 grams, $35.00

  Buenos Aires, Argentina
Stone, angrite, ANGR

Found July 1979
  A single stone of 16.55 kg was found while plowing a corn field. Subophitic texture, laths of plagioclase. A rare classification. 11mm x 8mm x 6mm.

Dar al Gani 338
H6  chondrite.

Found 1997
  Only 131 grams found.

De Nova
Washington County, Colorado
L6 chondrite

Found 1940
Veined chondrite.

 H5 chondrite.

Fell September 5, 1998.
Seven kg of fragments were found in a small crater after the witnessed Fall.

0.655 grams, $110.00
1.26 grams, $25.00
0.71 grams, $30.00

0.16 grams, $20.00

Dhofar, 1575

Found 2009

An ultramafic achondrite containing graphite and diamond. Rare classification.

Western Australia, Australia
  Stony-iron, Mes-A

Found 1923

Many fragments were found, nice mesosiderite.

Logan County, Arkansas.

L4 chondrite
Found 1972
Found by a 12 year old boy while hunting arrowheads. Brecciated.

Davy (a)
DeWitt County
L4 chondrite,

Found 1940
Nice surface area for study. Originally a Nininger specimen

1.14 grams, $50.00
 0.38 grams, $25.00

0.90 grams, $35.00
0.42 grams, $20.00

King County, Texas
Iron, IVB, Ataxite

Found 1994
Kept in a garage for 11 years before being identified in 2008.
High Ni, 16.2 % and high Ir, 29mg/gram.

Del Rio
Val Verde County,
Iron, IIF Ataxite

Found 1994
3.6kg found, A rare classification, only 7 IIF are known. 11.34 % Ni.

Rostovskaya oblast, Russia
H5 chondrite.

Fell March 20, 2016
2.1 kg recovered in a single stone after several farm workers saw a single stone fall.

Davy (b)
DeWitt County
H4 chondrite,

Found 1981
7.68 kg recovered in one stone.

2.87 grams, $90.00
0.169 grams, $40.00
1.903 grams, $35.00

Chita, Russia
H5-7 chondrite.
Fell April 06, 1805
3.89 kg recovered.

Diego De Amagro 002
Atacama, Chile
L6 chondrite

Found 2016
About 1300 grams recovered in a single stone.

Dhofar 020

H4/5 chondrite
Found 2000

Visible chondrules, light grey/brown matrix.

Dawn (a)
Randall County
H6 chondrite,

Found 1981
7.68 kg recovered in one stone. Visible chondrules. 

  0.356 grams, $20.00
  2.56 grams, $45.00

1.713 grams, $30.00
0.907 grams, $20.00

Dar EL Kahal
  Gao, Mali
H5-6  chondrite.

Found 2013
  Multiple small masses were found by a nomad near the former salt mines of Taoudenni, Mali

Dhofar 025

Lunar meteorite.
Found 2000

An anorthositic regolith breccia, only 751 grams found. Contains numerous mineral fragments and very small clasts of feldspathic rocks, brownish-grey in color.

Hodh El Gharbi
Stone Diogenite, HED

Found 2020
A single stone, 1830 grams, was found with weathered fusion crust. Rare classification, monomict breccia.

 Pali district,
H6 chondrite,

Fell July 18, 1962
A single stone of about 25.4 kg nearly 61 cm deep. Branches of some shrubs and nearby plants were damaged. Black/grey in appearance. 

0.230 grams. $200.00

0.637 grams, $80.00
0.585 grams, $40.00

Dong Ujimqin Qi
Nei Mongol Zizhiqu
Peoples Republic of China
Stony iron, Mesosiderite

Fell Sept. 7, 1995  Three masses were seen to fall. 128.8 kg were recovered. The majority of this meteorite is held in Beijing, China

Cape Province, South Africa
Iron, IAB

Found 1932
  A single mass of 28kg was found. Coarse octahedrite, phosphide and carbide inclusions. Excellent primary structures, large cohenite inclusions. Very nice surace area for display and study.

Deport a
Red River County, Texas
H4 chondrite

Found 1944
604 grams found.
This is distinct from the Deport iron IAB found in 1926.

Seldom seen, for Texas collectors this one is hard to find available. Only 604 grams found. 

Dar al Gani 1037
Al Jufrah, Libya
Achondrite, Martian shergottite.

Found 1999
  Heavily shocked with numerous melt veins and melt pockets.

This is a basaltic shergottite of Martian origin.



Darwin Glass
Natural glass - tektite

  This is a green-grey impact glass formed from the heat of a catastrophic impact around 800,000 years ago.The impact fused and melted part of the earth's crust. In crystal study groups it is known as a "healing stone".
35mm 22mm x 12mm.

Didwana Rajod
H5 chondrite,

Fell August 12, 1991
A single stone of about
1 kg 
Fusion crusted.
Reported and noted in MetBase.

Rarely seen available.

County Tipperary
H5 chondrite,

Fell August 12, 1865

A single stone of about
  2.2 kg was witnessed to fall after detonations.

Geary County, Kansas
L6 chondrite,

Found 1940

4.1 kg found. Once held in the Nininger Collection of Meteorites. 

12.123 grams, $90.00

0.928 grams, $45.00
1.195 grams, $35.00

Donetsk region, Ukraine. L5 chondrite.

Fell  October 17, 1951

A gas-rich, L5 chondrite.
Brava, Somalia
L5 chondrite.

Fell July 1889
Was seen to fall but was left on the surface of the ground for 5 years before being sent for testing.
Edmonson (a)
Hale County, Texas
  L6 chondrite

Found 1955
One fractured specimen was plowed up in a field. Most of this meteorite is at the Max-Planck Institute.
  Elida a
Roosevelt County
New Mexico
L6 chondrite

Found 1968

936 grams found, single stone. Once in the Huss Collection of Meteorites.


0.691 grams, $65.00


1.872, $60.00

0.42 grams, $25.00


El Medano 378
Antofagasta, Chile
  L5 chondrite

Found 2017
2.2 kg found.
 Large surface area for study.

Edmonton, KY
Metcalf County, KY
 IAB Iron

Found 1942
Single mass, 10.2kg, plowed up on farm.
8.28kg, main mass, at the Smithsonian, Washington, DC

Cass County, Nebraska, EL6 enstatite chondrite.

Fell October 01, 1946
Nice unoxidized surface area.

El Boludo
Sonora, Mexico
H5 chondrite.

Found 2013
Abundant Ni/Fe grains.

 2.42 grams, $25.00
1.42 grams, $$90.00

1.82 grams, $20.00

New South Wales, Delalah County Australia
H5 chondrite

Found 1922
Found on Elsinora Station. 1797 grams of this veined chondrite have been preserved.

Leonora district, Edjudina Station
Western Australia, Australia
H4 chondrite

Found 1969
Found at Edjudina Station by the Geological Surve of Western Australia. 4.48kg found.

Washington County, Colorado
 H5 chondrite

Found 1966
One half of an oriented individual stone was plowed up in a field. It weighed 4.175kg and either broke up in flight or upon impact. There is no information on the other half.

Dickens County, Texas
  Iron, IRUNGR
Found 1936

1.9 kg found, structurally anomalous. Once held in the Nininger Collection.

2.08 grams, $35.00
1.865 grams, $35.00
1.22 grams, $35.00

Errachidia 004
Errachidia, Morocco
Stone, Winonaite
Found 2020

2.64 kg found. A primitive achondrite. Weathered fusion crust. Very rare classification.

Chubut, Argentina
  Pallasite- MG
Found 1951

A single 755 kg mass was found. Angular olivine embedded in a Ni/Fe matrix.

0.358 grams, $70.00
3.22 grams, $90.00

Forestburg (a)
Montague County, Texas. L4 chondrite

Found 1957

Large surface area. 
Lincoln County, Nebraska, USA
L5 chondrite

Found 1937
   Originally researched by Nininger in 1937.
Washington County, Kansas. L5 chondrite

Fell June 25, 1890
Brecciated chondrite, contains maskelynite, Ni/Fe grains, chondrules. Large surface area.

Frankel City
  Andrews County, Texas. L6 chondrite

Found 1977
A nice, cut fragment. 

1.30 grams, $20.00
1.06 grams, $20.00   1.07 grams, $35.00  

1.44 grams, $20.00

Forrest Lakes
South Australia, Australia
LL5 chondrite
Light brown matrix, Ni/Fe inclusions, only 500 grams found.

Mojave County, Arizona
H5 chondrite

Found 2003
Several stones weighing more than 100 kg in total were found in 2002. A veined, unequilbrated chondrite.

Mecklenburg County, Virginia
L6 chondrite

Fell July 16, 1924
Four stones totaling 6.067 kg were seen to fall. 5.6 kg are reported to be held in Museum collections.

Parmer County,
L5 chondrite

Found 1981
Two specimens were found in a field. 

0.70 grams, $20.00

1.48 grams, $25.00

Frenchman Bay
Western Australia, Australia
H3.5 chondrite
Found among sand dunes, weathered, 8.8kg, unequilibrated.

Frenchman Bay
Western Australia, Australia
H3.5 chondrite
Found among sand dunes, weathered, 8.8kg, unequilibrated.

Colfax County, New Mexico
H5 chondrite

Found 1936
19.4 kg found in two stones. Listed in the Nininger Collection of Meteorites.

Freemont Butte
Fremont Butte, Colorado
L4 chondrite

Found 1940's.
A 6.647 kg stone was probably found in the 1940's on a farm field but not noticed until 1963. Classified by Glen Huss in 1966.

0.975 grams, $30.00

0.909 grams, $30.00
1.940 grams, $30.00
2.478 grams, $40.00

McCulloch, Texas
H5 chondrite

Found 2003
One stone weighing 8.6kg was found. Classified by Art Ehlmann, TCU

Fluvanna (a)
Scurry County, Texas
L5 chondrite
Found 1967
9.5 kg was found but most has been lost over time with only about 450 grams accounted for now.

Forest City
 Winnebago County, Iowa
H5 chondrite

Fell May 02, 1890
A large Fall with around 150 kg recovred in 1890. 42.7 kg, single stone, held at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), New York.

Terry County, Texas.
H4 chondrite

Found 1975
  1,992 grams found.
Dug up while plowing a corn field.

0.64 grams, $20.00

Fort Stockton
Pecos County, Texas
Iron, medium octahedrite.

Found 1952
Very little was published about Fort Stockton. 4.76 kg, single mass, was found.
Fort Stockton displays areas of recrystallized kamacite.  It is registered with the Meteoritical Society and the main mass is at TCU. It is a rare Texas meteorite to find offered.

Moody County South Dakota
H5 chondrite

Found  June 1983

21.36 kg, single stone, found in a cornfield.

Andrews County
H6 chondrite

Found 1978
A single stone of 110.8 kg was found. 105 kg held in Vienna at the Natural History Museum.

Classified and once held in the Huss Collection of Meteorites.

Buchanan County, Missouri
H5 chondrite

Found 1966
Six stones found, totalling over 100 kg. Well preserved. Believed to have fallen in summer of 1907. Clean, abundant Ni/Fe grains.

1.50 grams, $35.00
3.865 grams, $65.00
1.713 grams, $30.00

Marche, Italy
H3-5  chondrite

Fell September 25, 1996
One stone, 10.2kg was seen to fall. Unequilibrqated, brecciated, contains light and dark clasts.

Hamadan, Iran

Fell June 27, 2015
Fell onto the roof of a house. Only 630 grams were recovered. Fusion crusted.

Finmark, Alta, Norway
Pallasite MG

Found 1902
A single mass weighing 77.5 kg was found. A second mass weighing 1.17 kg was also reported. 3.21 grams with an exterior surface.

0.48 grams, $40.00
3.21 grams, $55.00

Bordon County, Texas
H4 chondrite
Found in a farmyard, NW corner of Bordon County, close to the former settlement of Tredway.
Sicily, Italy
L6 chondrite.

Fell February, 10, 1853

Three stones, totalling 18 kg were seen to fall. Veined, contains maskelynite.

Hansford County, Texas. H4 chondrite.

Found 1934
A difficult-to-find available  Texas meteorite.
Union County, New Mexico
H4 chondrite
Solar gas-rich, veined.


1.61 grams, $45.00


1.52 grams, 25.00

2.34 grams, $30.00
Jiddat al Harasis, Oman
 L5 chondrite

Found 1954
A black, xenolithic chondrite. 

Great Bend
  Barton County, Kansas.
H6 chondrite

Found 1983
Dark grey, bright inclusions of Ni/Fe.
  Smith County, Kansas
H4 chondrite

Found 1983
A single 8.48kg mass was found in a plowed field. 

Hansford County, Texas. H4 chondrite.

Found 1934
A difficult-to-find available  Texas meteorite...

2.34 grams, $35.00
2.53 grams, $40.00

2.1 grams, $40.00

1.18 grams, 20.00

Grady (c)
  Curry County
New Mexico.
H4 chondrite

Found 1970
Dark grey, bright inclusions of Ni/Fe

  Phillips County, Kansas
L5 chondrite

Found 1912
Chondrules and clasts in a light colored matrix.

  Teleorman,  Romania
H4 chondrite

Found 1990
Many mm-sized chondrules in a light tan colored matrix.

near Reichenbach, Poland
H5 chondrite

Fell May 17, 1879
1.75 kg recovered in two stones, brecciated,

2.0 grams, $35.00
2.00 grams, $45.00
0.49 grams, $35.00

Georgetown (iron)
  Queensland, Australia
Iron, IAB,
"solo" iron-related to the IAB complex.
Found 1912
Silicated iron, 689 grams found. Unusual Widmanstatten Pattern.

Griffith Wash
  Griffith Wash, Arizona
L6 chondrite

Found 2011
A single, 93 gram "brickette-shaped" stone was found while metal detecting for gold.

  Sherman County,
L4 chondrite
Found 1923
Two fragments totaling 3,628 grams were recognized as a meteorite in 1938. Once held in the Nininger Collection of meteorites.

H4 chondrite
Found 2001

11 kg mass found, shock stage S4, classified UNIV of New Mexico.



1.347 grams, $35.00

1.17 grams, $20.00

Harer region, Ethiopia
H4/5 chondrite

Fell February 1981

Three fragments were recovered, for a total of 34.65kg.

Grier b
 Curry County, New Mexico
L5-7 chondrite

Found 1969
A single, 929 gram mass was found by Mr. J. Warnica of Portales, New Mexico, while searching for meteorites.

Great Sand Sea 007
Al Wadi al Jadid, Egypt.
H6 chondrite

Found December 1996
1,450 grams was found, single stone. Weathering grade, W2. The main mass is at the Natural History Museum, Paris, France.



Terry County
L6 chondrite

Found 1974
47 kg found.

Brown matrix, chondrules.

Great Sand Sea 019
Al Wadi al Jadid, Egypt.
LL6 chondrite

Found December 1999
12 kg was found, multiple pieces. Weathering grade, W3/4. The main mass is at the Natural History Museum, Paris, France.

Anderson County, Kansas
H4 chondrite

Found 1938
4.788 kg found, single stone, plowed up on field. 
Dark brown matrix, abundant bright Ni/Fe grains, chondrules.

Barton County, Kansas
L6 chondrite

Found 1971
23.9 kg found, brown matrix, chondrules, nice surface area.

1.47 grams, $25.00
1.30 grams, $25.00
1.153 grams, $35.00
1.7 grams, $25.00

Santa Fe Province, Argentina
H5 chondrite

Found 1995
A 160 kg stone was found during plowing. Classified at the Smithsonian in Washington DC.

L6 chondrite

Fell 1897
6.4 kg was recovered. Few details are known about the Fall. Light grey matrix, Ni/Fe grains, light-colored chondrules, fusion crusted.

Dawson County, Texas
L5 chondrite

Found 2008
6.4 kg found. Main mass at TCU..

Glen Rose
Somervell Co., Texas
Iron, ungrouped
Found 1934
11 kg found. Main mass at TCU, Monnig Collection. Octahedrite, finest, ungrouped.

0.886 grams, $20.00
0.607 grams, $35.00



Maricopa County, Arizona
H4 chondrite

Shock veined, multiple inclusions, chondrules. Large surface area, 
Haskel County, Texsas
 L5 chondrite

Found 1910
Many Ni/Fe grains, stable, Nice specimen. 
Northern Territory, Australia, Iron, IIIAB
Found 1931
A beautifully shaped, complete, iron meteorite.
Philips County, Colorado
 L4 chondrite

Found August, 1975
 A single, 15.5kg stone was found in a wheat field.

 1.557 grams, $35.00    1.62 grams, $25.00    4.42 grams, $35.00    1.08 grams, $20.00

Hamilton (Queensland)
Queensland, Australia
L6 chondrite.

Found 1966
Veined chondrite, buried in mud in a flood-plain of the Balonne River.

Hope Creek Fairbanks, Alaska
Stone, LL6 chondrite

Found 1998
Found with a metal detector while prospecting for gold.

Happy Canyon
Armstrong County, Texas
EL6/7 Enstatite chondrite.
Found 1971
Enstatite chondrite, low-iron subgroup, impact-melt breccia. Seldom offered.

Navajo County, Arizona
L6 chondrite
Fell July 19, 1912
A shower of stones was seen to fall after the appearance of a smoky trail in the sky and sonic detonations. Holbrook is a popular meteorite held in many collections.in

1.92 grams, $35.00
1.02 grams, $35.00
1.1 grams, $80.00
1.48 grams, $60.00

Harrison Township
Greenley County
L6 chondrite
Found 1945
Most of this meteorite is at TCU, Monnig Collection, Fort Worth, TX.

Hughes 003
Nullarbor Plain, South Australia, Australia.
H5 chondrite
Found 1992
41 small stones were found, 3.2kg recovered.

Castro County, Texas
CK3 chondrite

Found 2010

Karoonda-type carbonaceous chondrite, deep reddish/brown matrix.  Only 966 grams found.

Greely County
  H5 chondrite

Found 1940

19.7kg was found, two stones. Originally in the Nininger Collection of Meteorites.

1.02 grams, $25.00
1.56 grams, $35.00

  L6 chondrite
Found April 2008

6 fragments totalling 8.91kg was found.

Hobbs b
Lea County
New Mexico

  H5 chondrite
Found 1933
1.6kg found, single stone.
From the Huss Collection of Meteorites.

High Island Creek
Arlington, Minnesota
  Iron, IIIAB
Found 2011
A 15 kg iron mass was ploughed up in a field. The blackened area is a silicate inclusion.This is a medium octahedrite.

Ica, Peru
  LL3 chondrite
Found April 2014

Single stone, 15kg.

Weathered exterior. Chondrule-rich

1.36 grams, $30.00
1.06 grams, $30.00


Harrison County, Texas
L6 chondrite

Fell May 30, 1961

A single 8.36 kg was seen to fall and recovered a few minutes after the Fall. It had penetrated the sandy soil to a depth of 75 cm. It is often referred to as the "white" chondrite. The main mass is at the Smithsonian.

Barber County, Kansas
  L6 chondrite
Found 1972
13 kg found, single stone.
Found while terracing a field.

Hamilton (Texas)
Hamilton County, Texas
Found 1965
One stone, 2.7kg, was found.
From the Huss Collection of Meteorites.

Happy c
Swisher County, Texas
Found 1971
Only 884 grams was found, single stone.
From the Huss Collection of Meteorites.


2.75 grams, $35.00

Hassi Bou Talha
Morocco, South
  Achondrite, eucrite, AEUC-P
Found 2016
Approximately 308 grams found. Fine-grained, grey matrix with a micrograbbroic texture.
Fusion crusted.

Rock County, Minnesota
  L4 chondrite
Found 1937
7.8 kg found, once in the Nininger Collection of Meteorites. Publishing by A.D.Nininger, 1939. Nice surface area.

Thayer County, Nebraska
  H6 chondrite
Found 1965
21.82 kg found.
Found by Larry Degenhardt while driving a tractor. He felt the impact of the plowhead on the stone. Classified by A. Rubin, UCLA, 1998

Navajo County, Arizona
L6 chondrite
Fell July 19, 1912
A shower of stones was seen to fall after the appearance of a smoky trail in the sky and sonic detonations.
Holbrook is a popular meteorite held in many private collections.

0.336 grams, $35.00
2.12 grams $40.00
1.48 grams, $60.00

Hartley County, Texas
  L chondrite
Found 1967
2.18 kg found, once in the Glen Huss Collection of Meteorites. Large surface area.

Texas County, Oklahoma

Found 1986
A single mass weighing 8.58 kg was found while clearing rocks from a field. Unusual Widmanstatten Pattern.

Svealand, Uppsala, Sweden
  H5 chondrite
Fell January 01, 1869
Shower, fell over an area of 3 x 9 miles. 20 kg recovered. Some fell on ice a few inches thick without breaking it. 

2.29 grams, $35.00
0.55 grams, $70.00


 Tomsk region,
H6 chondrite
Fell May 29, 1936
Kulik, the first scientist to trek to and describe the Tunguska event, described this Fall in "Meteoritika", 1941, 1, p.73. 3.97kg preserved in collections.
Stone, achondrite
Eucrite monomict breccia
Found 2000
Only 1,470 grams found.
  Tanganyika, Tanzania
H chondrite
Fell October 08, 1954.

1,300 grams recovered,
1,019 grams are reported to be preserved at St. Joseph's Middle School near Mbeya.

Indio Rico
  Buenos Aires province.
H6 chondrite
Found 1887

15kg found, one stone.
10.6kg at La Plata Museum.
Black, fine-grained matrix. Distinct from El Perdido. A well-known stone meteorite.

0.691 grams, $35.00

0.53 grams, $40.00

 0.819 grams, $45.00

  McPherson County,
L/LL3.4 chondrite
Found August, 1966

7.25kg grams recovered,

Luxor, Egypt
  Carbonaceous chondrite, CO3.8 (Ornans group)
Found 1970
Single stone, 23 kg recovered. Magnetite-rimmed NiFe grains. Large surface area for study.

  Parana, Brazil
H5 chondrite
Found 1977

1,200 grams recovered. Visible Ni/Fe grains, chondrules, in a light grey matrix. Unoxidized specimen. Very nice, unweathered.

0.407 grams, $60.00
1.133 grams, $110.00

Hammadah al Hamra, Libya
L6 chondrite
Found Nov 01, 2000

150kg mass found.
Light brown matrix, Ni/Fe inclusions.

Johnson City
Stanton County, Kansas
L6 chondrite
Found 1937
Rare, shock veins, contains ringwoodite.

Punjab, Lyallpur district, Pakistan
L5 chondrite
Fell June 1873, the calender date not recorded.

4 stones, 5.9kg were found in a line after hearing atmospheric detonations.

Juanita de Angeles
Chihuahua, Mexico
H5 chondrite
Found 1992
Found near a mine near Las Amosgoas. Many visible chondrules.

1.66 grams, $30.00
1.28 grams, $40.00

2.88 grams, $25.00

Jajh-Deh Kot Lalu
Sind, Khaipur district, Pakistan
EL6 chondrite
Fell May 02, 1926
Two stones of 753 grams and 220 grams respectively were recovered. REE abundances in oldhamite grains.

Tumkur district, Karnataka, India
H6 chondrite
Fell February 16, 1876
After hearing detonations, a stone fell into the bed of a tank at Judesegeri. Only 680 grams are preserved.

LL6 chondrite
Fell December 01, 1889
A shower of stones fell over an area of 3 x 5 miles. 26 stones were recovered. Contains LL6 fragments in matrix, rock-melt clasts. Brecciated.

Jbilet Winselwan
Saguia el Hamra, Western Sahara.
CM2 chondrite.
Found May 24, 2013
Around 6 kg recovered.
This one is loaded with science.  Contains Type I and II chondrules (with forsterite relic grains), and CAI's. Partial fusion crusted.

0.386 grams, $45.00
1.12 grams, $80.00

Ardeche, Libonnes, France
Stone, AEUC-M
Fell June 15, 1821
A single stone of 91 kg fell near the village of Libonnes, France. This is a brecciated monomict eucrite, well-curated, clean, no oxidation.

Weld County, Colorado
Stone, ADIO
Fell July 6, 1924
27 stone masses were recovered for a total of 40 kg. This is a monomict diogenite with visible green olivine inclusions.
Very nice visual display of  diogenite structures. Partial fusion crusted.

Shandong, China
Stone, H5 chondrite.
Fell February 15, 1997
Multiple stones fell along the Yellow River, the largest weighing 2.7 kg. The total mass is approximately 100 kg. This is an attractive meteorite with large Ni/Fe inclusions and chondrules.

Jiddat al Harasis 479
Al Wusta, Oman, Achondrite, Basaltic shergottite, Martian
Found 2008
A subophitic, coarse grained rock with anhedral pigeonite and elongated augite grains. 553 grams found. 

0.452 grams, $90.00
0.793 grams, $80.00

0.250 grams, $200.00

Williamson County, Texas
Stone, H5 chondrite
Found 1963
One stone, 1.30 kg was found by a farmer while plowing a field. This is a weathered chondrite with little found or available.
Thin sliced, large surface area for the weight. For Texas collections, this is a hard one to find.


Cotes-du-Nord, France, H5 chondrite.
Fell, November 26, 1874
Most of this meteorite is at the Museum of Natural History in Paris, France.
Kaufman County, Texas
L5 chondrite.
Found 1893
Many Ni/Fe inclusions. Ploughed up in a field. One polished surface.

Arusha, Tanzania
LL6 chondrite.
Fell September 11, 1963
Contains 18.56%, 2.2kg found in a single stone.
Very clean, no oxides, rare Fall from Tanzania.

Roosevelt County, New Mexico.
Ureilite, AURE

Found 1972
Ureilite's are one of the rarest types of meteorites. Ureilites found in the USA are even more rare. Nice surface area, polished surface.


1.193 grams, $90.00

2.84 grams, $40.00


0.725 grams, $70.00
Morbihan, France
 H6 chondrite.

Fell, May 22, 1869
A veined chondrite with little available for collectors.
Honshu, Iwate-Ken, Japan, H4 chondrite.
Fell, June 15, 1860
A rare Japanese meteorite for your collection.
Honshu, Iwate-Ken, Japan, H4 chondrite.
Fell, June 15, 1860
A rare Japanese meteorite for your collection.
Kaffir (b)
Swisher County, Texas
H4 chondrite.
Found 1966
Kaffir (a) is often seen in collections. This one, Kaffir (b) is not, very little available to collectors.

0.985 grams, $90.00
2.35 grams, $230.00

0.304 grams, $50.00
2.24 grams,$40.00

Astrakhanskaya oblast, Russia
H5 chondrite.
Found 2001
Unusual looking stone meteorite.

Kano State, Nigeria
H4 chondrite

Fell April 25, 1971
A xenolithic chondrite.

Tatarskaya, Russia
CO3.2 carbonaceous chondrite.
Fell September 13, 1937
A rare classification.

Kimble County
Kimble County, Texas
Stone, H6 chondrite
Found 1919 With oxidized fusion crust.

1.18 grams, $25.00

1.398grams, $30.00

0.959 grams, $45.00

3.36 grams, $30.00

Republic county, Kansas
H4 chondrite

Found 2006
1,368 grams found, single stone, at the edge of a field. This is a nicely cut specimen, large polished surface area.

Sumy, Ukraine
L6 chondrite

Fell  March 12, 1811

A single 6kg stone was observed to fall. This meteorite is also known as "Poltava".

Baluchistan, Jhalawan,
L6 chondrite

Fell April 27, 1905
22kg recovered, contains maskelynite.

 Baranya, Hungry
H5 chondrite
Found 2016
Found at a depth of 40 cm. An equilibrated chondrite. 

0.34 grams, $20.00
0.658 grams, $$65.00


Kiev region, Ukraine
L6 chondrite

Fell June 30, 1908

1.9kg, single stone, found 60 km from Kiev. Relationship to Tunguska meteoriods proposed.

Omsk region, Russia
L5 chondrite

Fell March 01, 1929

Several stones were seen to fall but only one, 6.109kg stone was recovered.

Bauchi State, Nigeria
L6 chondrite

Fell September 1999

Approximately 1,500 grams recovered by the Chief of the village of Gadai.

Kingfisher County, Oklahoma
L5 chondrite

Found 1950

A single stone, 18.8 kg was found. Grey matrix, Ni/Fe grains and chondrules visible. Nice detail.


1.28grams, $70.00
 2.906 grams, $40.00

Kunya Urgench
Dashkowus Velayat, Turkmenistan
H5 chondrite

Fell June 20, 1998

A single stone, weighing around 900 kg impacted 30 to 50 meters from a group of farmers in a cotton field, creating a 6m diameter x 4 meter deep crater.

Kheneg Ljouad
  Guelmime Es Smara, Morocco

LL5/6 chondrite

Fell July 12, 2017


Approximately 10 kg recovered in many stones. Fresh, black fusion crust.

Kramer Creek
Pueblo County

Stone, L4 chondrite

Found 1966


2.3 kg was found in a rock garden. Ni/Fe grains on the surface.

Stone, Carbonaceous chondrite, CV3

Fell April 15, 1857

Vigarano group, type 3
One stone, 3 kg, recovered. High Aluminum content.


2.26 grams, $40.00

Chelabinsk region, Russia
  Stone, L6 chondrite

Fell June 11, 1949

Regolith breccia, veined, melt pockets.

Ksar Mehiri 001
Tatawin, Tunisia
  Stone, H6 chondrite

Found 2013

Only 96.8 grams found.

Regolith breccia, black chondrite, veined, melt pockets.

Khor Temiki
  Stone, Aubrite

Fell 1932, date not reported.

Only 3.2 kg grams recovered.

A nice specimen of a rare classification group.

Kahuga district, Russia
H4 chondrite
Found July 2004
  Found while collecting mushrooms.

1.06 grams, $60.00


Kosice Region, Slovakia
H5 chondrite
Fell Feb 28, 2010
  The fireball flash was recorded by six Czech fireball stations. 4.3 kg recovered. Examination shows a thin fusion crust and a recrystallized fine-grained granular texture. 

Kansas State University
Riley, Kansas
H4 chondrite.
Found 2004

A 301 gram specimen was listed as "unclassified Kansas meteorite" in the E. King collection and discovered by D. Brookings.

1.286 grams, $110.00

Lincoln County,
Lincoln County
 L6 chondrite. Colorado.

Found 1937
Found in a cretaceous deposit. Extreme terrestrial age. Breccia, contains melt-veins.
Lost Creek
Lincoln County
H3.8 chondrite

Found 1916
A 4.01kg stone mass was found by a man walking along a fence line.

Lowicz, Poland

Fell March 12, 1935
A rare European mesosiderite. A lot of detail in this one.

Long Island
Phillips County Kansas
 L6 chondrite.

Found 1891
Nice meteorite, large surface area, bright Ni/Fe grains. 
SOLD   1.38 grams, $30.00
  1.453 grams, 80.00   1.06 grams, $20.00
LLano River
Kimble County,  Texas
  Iron, IIIAB

Found 1975
4.32 kg recovered in a single mass. Medium octahedrite, Neumann bands. Nice specimen for study.   

Laundry Rockhole
Western Australia, Australia
  H5 chondrite.
Found 1967

Dark brown matrix, Ni/Fe inclusions.

Lubbock County, Texas
  L5 chondrite

Found 1938
1,458 grams were found in  single stone. Impact-melt rock inclusions.   

Dewey Co., Oklahoma
L6 chondrite.

Fell November 25, 1943

A shower of stones were seen to fal, 20 were recovered. 


1.26 grams, $25.00
0.70 grams, $20.00
1.28 grams $45.00

Eddy County, New Mexico
L6 chondrite.

Found 1955. Struck by the blade of a bulldozer at a depthof around 0.8 meters.. 

Major County, Oklahoma
L5 chondrite.

Found 1963

A farmer found this and believed it was a meteorite. He kept it for 35 years.   

Laguna Manantiales
Santa Cruz, Argentina

Found 1945
One 92kg iron was found.

The main mass was retained by the finder. Only a few small specimens were ever released.    

Saguira el Hamra, Western Sahara
Lunar, feldspathic breccia.
Found 2015

Four stones were found for a total of 337 grams. This is a feldspathic polymict breccia with numerous light/dark clasts. 

3.06 grams, $25.00
1.20 grams, $25.00


Shackelford County, Texas
Iron, IAB, silicated

Found 1973

A farmer found a 34.4kg stone this while clearing rocks from a cotton field. Many silicate clusters and inclusions throughout the specimen. Silicated irons are rewarding for microscopy study.

Los Cerrillos
Santiago del Estero, Argentina
H4 chondrite.

Found 2006

1,000 grams were found, one stone. Classified by A. Rubin, UCLA. Weathering grade, W2, Shock stage: S2. Tan/grey-colored matrix.   

Los Angeles
(LA 001)
 Los Angeles County, California
Achondrite, Shergottite

Recognized 1999

A Martian basalt. Two stones, 452.6 and 245.4 grams were found. Nice detail.  

Rajasthan, Pargana Begu, India
L5 chondrite

Fell June 26, 1926

Formally known as "Dabra".
Two stones totalling 9.24 kg were recovered.
8.6 kg at Calcutta Museum of Geology.

2.53 grams $120.00
1.378 grams $35.00
0.08 grams, $70.00

Gaines County
L6 chondrite

Found 1962

A 5.6kg stone was plowed up. Distinct from Ashmore.  

La Lande
De Baca County, New Mexico
L5 chondrite

Found 1933
Sometimes confused in nomenclature with Taiban. La Lande is an L5 chondrite, brown/grey matrix, chondrules, NiFe grains. An inexpensive addition to a collection.

La Bécasse
Dun le Poelier, France
L6 chondrite

Fell January 31, 1879

After atmospheric detonations, a 2.8 kg stone was seen to fall.
Historic Fall to France.

La Cienega
Sonora, Mexico
H6 chondrite

Found 2007

Found by Greg Bruce while prospecting for gold.  Approximately
7.63 kg recovered. 

1.76 grams, $35.00


Floyd County
L6 chondrite

Found 1944

824 grams found, one stone. Formally in the Nininger Collection of Meteorites. This is a hard Texas locality to find available.

Little River a
Rice County, Kansas

 H6 chondrite
Found 1967

A 4.4kg stone was found while digging a pond for irrigation.Large chondrule in center of specimen.

Lider b
Hale County,
H5 chondrite

Found 1972

A 1.8 kg stone was found. Classified by G.I.Huss, formerly held in the Huss Collection of Meteorites.

Los Vientos 231
Antofagasta, Chile
LL7 chondrite

Found 2017

127 grams was found of this unusual, LL7 stone. The main minerals are olivine, pyroxene, and plagioclase. No discernable chondrules are seen. Type 7 designation.

1.352 grams, $65.00

1.216 grams, $30.00
1.59 grams, $60.00

Butler County Kansas
H5 chondrite

Found 1943

One stone of 30 kg was found on a farm 7 miles south of the town of Leon.
Dark brown matrix, bright grains of Ni/Fe.

Loongana 003
Nullarbor Plain, Western Australia
L5 chondrite

Found 1990

Only 58 grams found of this chondrite. Main mass is at the Swiss Meteorite Lab.

1.03 grams, $30.00


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