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Abee Enstatite Chondrite

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The Abee enstatite chondrite has been the focus of much scientific interest and speculation. As a result of recent research, this meteorite has been reclassified from an EH4 to an EH4 impact-melt breccia, the only one known. Found in June 1952 in a wheat field in Abee, Alberta, Canada five days after a fireball was witnessed, the meteorite has been described as one of the most unusual specimens in the known collection of meteorites.

This photo shows the very unusual mixture of large and small clasts in the breccia, the largest being 22 x 14 cm (~8.7 x 5.5 inches). These odd, metal rimmed clasts may reflect a stage of transition in the material that was interrupted before completion or had insufficient energy to complete the transition.

For a discussion on this very interesting meteorite, see Abee - More Questions Than Answers from the November, 1996 issue of METEORITE!.

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