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Enstatite Chondrites

Breccia, Abee (EH4)impact-melt enstatite chondrite.

Enstatite (E) chondrites are a rare and unusual type of meteorite. Excluding Antarctic and NWA finds, only 24 falls and finds of E chondrites have been recorded out of the over 2,000 stone meteorites known to date. E chondrites are unusual in that they are high in the mineral enstatite and most of their iron is in the form of metal or sulfide rather than taken up as oxides in silicates. This implies that E chondrites formed in an area of the solar nebula that was very poor in oxygen, possibly inside the orbit of Mercury.

As with ordinary chondrites, E chondrites are further classified by H and L for their iron content and by petrologic grades 3 to 6. EH chondrites contain approximately 30% iron, while EL chondrites are about 25% iron.

The Abee EH impact-melt breccia chondrite is a rare example of a rare classification.

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