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This site is about meteorites. It's about where they come from, how they formed, their composition, what happens when they strike Earth, and what they look like. You'll find color images of meteorites on every page.

It is intended to provide a general understanding of and background on the subject of meteorites.

The Student will find accurate information, the Collector -- helpful descriptions and detailed listings of meteorites available for purchase. The Educator/Researcher will find exquisite laboratory-grade images for lectures and publications.

Every effort has been made to present accurate information, however, some details are beyond the scope of this presentation. To further your knowledge we invite you to explore the provided links to other research and science sites. References are given for additional reading and we hope you will take advantage of them if you find meteorites an interesting subject.

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Note to Educators - New England Meteoritical Services grants to educators permission to use the material at this web site in the classroom for instructional purposes provided proper credit accompanies the material. New England Meteoritical Services reserves all other rights.

Meteoritics is a living science. As new findings are presented and accepted into the main body of work this site with be updated to stay current with the new material. If you have any comments or questions, please contact us at

Photo -Gao-Guenie, a stone meteorite (H5) that fell in Burkina Faso, Africa on March 5, 1960.

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