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Specimens are offered on a first-come, first serve basis. All material is guaranteed to be exactly as described. A Certificate of Authenticity is included with each meteoritical specimen. For ordering please go to the Ordering page. Most major credit cards accepted including PayPal. Checks are welcome but please email us first so that we may confirm availability and hold the specimen for you.

These are difficult to acquire meteorite localities or classifications.
All images were taken of the specimens being offered. Prices and availability subject to change without notice.

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Collection Specimen
Nakhon Parthom,
 {short description of image}
Nakhon Parthom, Thailand, L6, 22.6 grams
An observed Fall, December 21, 1923. This is a spectacular brecciated chondrite, with detail almost never seen on the web. Close study reveals chondrules, clasts, and a micro-breccia embedded in the chondritic groundmass.
Collection specimen, presented for your interest, not for sale.
 Image Copyright protected, 1994 - 2017, New England Meteoritical Services, inclusive all years.

Meteorites for sale
Allende, CV3 chondrite
{short description of image}
Allende, CV3 chondrite, 24.3 grams, complete slice with large CAI (calcium aluminum inclusion), many chondrules, fusion-crusted. $490.00.
{short description of image}
 Allende, CV3, chondrite, 2.66 grams, many chondrules and CAI's, 32mm x 19mm x 2mm, $55.00

The Allende meteorite fell in Allende Mexico on February 08, 1969. It contains some of the oldest known matter - interstellar grains in the calcium aluminum inclusions. Both specimens display a variety of chondrule sizes, textures and CAI's

Albareto, Italy, L/LL4
 {short description of image}
Albareto, Italy, L/LL4, 0.76 grams
This is an old European observerd fall - July, 1766. Its classification is transistional between an L and LL.
Albareto, Modena, Italy, L/LL4, 0.76 grams, 13mm x 11mm x 5mm, $340.00

L'Aigle, France, L6 chondrite, Historic Fall
 {short description of image}
L'Aigle, France, L6, 2.24 grams
This one is historic, and hard to find now, L'Aigle fell over Orne, France on April 26, 1803. Classified as an L6, brecciated chondrite.
L'Aigle, L6 chondrite, 2.24 grams, 15mm x 14mm x 7mm, $642.00

Bruderheim, Alberta, Canada, L6 chondrite, observed Fall.
{short description of image}
Bruderheim, L6 chondrite, 120.2 grams, fusion crusted, full slice
{short description of image}
 Bruderheim, L6 chondrite, 120.2 grams, same specimen, chondrules, inclusions.
More than 200 professional papers have been written about this meteorite. Entering the Earth's atmosphere at 1:06 AM, MST, March 04,1960, it was a detonating bolide, visile for over 200 miles with detonations audible over 2,000 square miles. The initial atmospheric velocity was 8 to 10 miles per second. Over 300kg fell onto the ground at terminal velocity.
Offered is a 120.2 gram full slice, over 95% fusion crusted except for a "broken face" or edge, in the crust where it struck the Earth. Chondrules, thick fusion crust, inclusions - everything that can be seen in Bruderheim can be seen in this display specimen..
Bruderheim, L6, 120.2 grams, 118mm x 62mm x 7mm, Email for price
{short description of image} {short description of image}
120.2 gram Bruderheim, this is not a tapered cut. Bruderheim, chondrules, inclusions.

Cangas de Onis, Spain, H5, Fell 1866
{short description of image}
Cangas de Onis, breccia. polished slice,10.6 grams.
 Cangas de Onis Fell on December 06 1866 over Asturias, Spain. This is a brecciated H5 chondrite, two specimens offered, 10.6 grams and 6.6 grams.
Cangas de Onis, 10.6 grams, 38mm x 34mm x 4mm, $530.00
Cangas de Onis, 6.6 grams, 46mm x 26mm x 2mm, $310.00
 Cangas de Onis, 1.92 grams, 32mm x 22mm x 1.5mm, $96.00
{short description of image}
Cangas de Onis, breccia, polished slice, 6.6 grams
 {short description of image}
 Cangas de Onis, breccia, polished slice, 1.92 grams

Peekskill, New York, H6 chondrite
 The Fall of this meteorite was spectacular - it smashed into the trunk of a car on October 9, 1992 in Peekskill, New York. Peekskill is classified as a stone, H6 chondrite. These specimens are lab prepared, clean, each has one polished surface, and a variety of breccia.
 {short description of image}
Peekskill, H6, 0.83 grams, 11mm x 10mm x 12mm, $182.00
 {short description of image}
Peekskill, H6, 1.02 grams, 13mm x 7mm x 6mm, $210.00
{short description of image}
Peekskill, H6, 1.34 grams, 14mm x 12mm x 6mm, $248.00
Indarch, Azerbaijan, EH4 Enstatite chondrite
 {short description of image}
Indarch, EH4, Enstatite chondrite, 3.34 grams.
Observed Fall, April 07, 1891. A rare clssification and locality. 3.34 grams, 22mm x 21 x 2mm, $260.00.
Olmedilla de Alarcon, Spain, H5 chondrite
 {short description of image}
Olmedilla de Alarcon, H5 chondrite, 2.38 grams.
Fell, February 26, 1929, New Castillia, Spain, xenolithic chondrite., 2.38 grams, 17mm x 12mm x 8mm, SOLD


Garraf, Spain, L6 chondrite.
 {short description of image}.
 Garraf, 1.06 grams, L6
 {short description of image}
Garraf, 1.36 grams, L6
 Garraf, found 1905 in Barcelona, Spain. L6 chondrite, two specimens:
 Garraf, 1.36 grams, 18mm x 11mm x 8mm, SOLD
 Garraf, 1.06 grams, 17mm x 13mm x 5mm, SOLD

Axtel, Texas, CV3
 {short description of image}
Axtel, McLennon County, Texas, carbonaceous chondrite, CV3, 5.70 grams.
Found in 1943, Axtel is a mass of vivid chondrules and unusual CAI's.
 Axtel, 5.70 grams, 22mm x 18mm x 7mm, $855.00

Mocs, Transylvania, Romania, L5-6
{short description of image}
Mocs, 15.4 grams, fusion crusted.
{short description of image}
 Mocs, 15.4 grams, same specimen, different surface.
This is an old European observed Fall with an unusual classification - L5-6. Mocs fell in Transylvania, Romania on February 3, 1882. The specimen offered is a fusion crusted fragment with one cut surface. It is unoxidized, very clean..
Mocs, L5-6, 15.4 grams, 31mm x 22mm x 15mm, $870.00

Adzhi-Bogdo, Mongolia, a rare LL3-6
{short description of image} .
Adzhi-Bogdo, Mongolia, LL3-6, fusion crusted, 5.20 grams. . .
Fell, October 30, 1949 in Gobi Altay, Mongolia. Adzhi-Bogdo, a regolith breccia containing alkali-granitoids. Rarely seen or available, only about 900 grams found.
Adzhi-Bogdo, 5.20 grams, fusion crusted, 17mm x 18mm x 7mm, $1,170.00
Bilanga, Burkina Faso, Diogenite
{short description of image}
Bilanga, 19.35 grams, fusion crusted.
{short description of image}
 Bilanga, 19.35 grams, same specimen, reverse side.
Fell October 27, 1999. Bilanga is a brecciated monomict diogenite. Offered is a clean, fresh appearing, fusion crusted specimen with visible breccia.
Bilanga, ADIO, 19.35 grams, 50mm x 25mm x 12mm, $798.00

Pillistfer, Estonia. EL6 Enstatite chondrite, 3.16 grams
 {short description of image}
Pillistfer, EL6, Enstatite chondrite, 3.16 grams
Observed Fall, August 08, 1863, Vohma, Estonai, rare..
 3.16 grams, large chondrule - 4mm, 12mm x 11mm x 4mm, $244.00

Bluff, Texas, L5, 19.2 grams
 {short description of image}
Bluff,(a) relic fusion crust, polished part slice, 19.2 grams
Found in 1878, Bluff (a) is a brecciated stone meteorite with visible Ni/Fe inclusions, chondrules, and melt-pockets in a light grey matrix. A very stable stone meteorite not suseptible to rusting.
 Bluff,(a) relic fusion crust, 19.2 grams, 52mm x 32mm x 5mm, $249.00

Selma, Alabama, H4 chondrite.
.{short description of image} .
Selma, Alabama, H4 chondrite, 8 grams .
. .
Slema, Alabama, H4 chondrite
A single 310 lb stone was found in Dallas County in 1906. Nice, stable chondrite, many chondrules, 8 grams, 24mm x 20mm x 5mm, $96.00

Vouille, France, L6 chondrite
.{short description of image}
Vouille, france, L6 0.58 grams, fusion crusted
Vouille, France, L6, 0.58 grams
Fell May 13, 1831, Poitiers, France. contains maskelynite. Rarely offered in any size. Clean, low oxidation, fusion crust, Historic European Fall. 0.58 grams, 12mm x 8mm x 6mm, $130.00.
Saratov, Russia, L4 chondrite
{short description of image}
Saratov, 19.4 grams

The photograph above is a close-up of the surface of this meteorite.The Saratov meteorite that fell over Penza, Russia on September 06, 1918 is a spectacular mass of chondrules, tightly grouped and consolidated into a meteorite!. Chondrules range in size from 1mm to 10mm. Saratov is one of the most chondrule-rich stone meteorites that we have seen.

Saratov, 19.4 grams, 35mm x 22mm x 21mm, $ 116.000


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