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Specimens are offered on a first-come, first serve basis and are guaranteed to be as represented.
A Certificate of Meteorite Authenticity is included with each meteoritical specimen.
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These are difficult to acquire meteorite localities or classifications.
All images were taken of the specimens being offered. Prices and availability subject to change without notice.

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  Sikhote-Alin iron meteorite {short description of image}
The largest known iron meteorite fall in modern history occurred on February 12, 1947. A 70 ton iron mass burst apart in the atmosphere over the Sikhote-Alin region of Siberia, showering the area with thousands of iron fragments.

There are two types of Sikhote-Alin meteorites – shrapnel and regmaglypted. The shrapnel specimens attest to the violence incurred during atmospheric passage as the iron bolide burst apart along crystal boundaries. The regmaglypted specimens display a rounded, smooth, and often thumb printed surface (regmaglypts) from the atmospheric friction and ablated melting.

Classified as a IIAB coarsest octahedrite, specimens of Sikhote-Alin are highly sought after for collections, research, and display.
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       Sikhote-Alin, 38.4 grams  
      Regmaglypted, fusion-crusted, 32mm x 33mm x 21mm, SOLD  
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   Sikhote-Alin, 74.6 grams    Sikhote-Alin, 50.1 grams  
  Regmaglypted, fusion-crusted, 75mm x 22mm x 18mm, $222.00   Regmaglypted, fusion-crusted, 50mm x 25mm x 24mm, SOLD  
  {short description of image}   {short description of image}  
   Sikhote-Alin, 355.0 grams    Sikhote-Alin, 450.30 grams  
  Fusion-crusted, with impact-melt surfaces, 90mm x 45mm x 30mm, $320.00   A very clean with fold-over surfaces from atmospheric melting, specimen. This is a large iron meteorite, just a couple of grams short of a pound. 70mm x 58mm x 43mm, $330.00  


  Canyon Diablo Iron meteorite
Crashing into what is now Arizona somewhere around 50,000 years ago was the Canyon Diablo iron meteorite.

Fragments of the meteorite have been actively collected since the mid-1800s and there is evidence that fragments were collected and used by pre-historic Native Americans.

There are more than a dozen identifiable minerals within the Canyon Diablo iron meteorite. Significant for use in geologic dating using Pb-Pb isochrons, is the iron sulfide mineral troilite (FeS).
The troilite in Canyon Diablo contains the lowest lead ratios between several isotopes of lead (Pb 204, 206, and 207) ever measured and has become the reference standard for lead dating methods. Canyon Diablo is classified as a IAB iron.
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       Canyon Diablo crater  
  {short description of image}   {short description of image}  
  Canyon Diablo, 323.5 grams   Canyon Diablo, 530.5 grams  
  Almost 3/4 of a pound in weight, 65mm x 45mm x 44mm, angular,SOLD   About a pound and a quarter in weight, 90mm x 47mm x 41mm, angular, $310.00 grams  
  {short description of image}   {short description of image}  
   Allende, Mexico, CV3 carbonaceous chondrite, 28.33 grams.    Silverton, Texas, H4 chondrite, 22.98 grams  
  Fell, February 08, 1969. Chihuahua, Mexico. One of the most important Falls in meteorite history and one of the most talked about specimens in any collection. This is a full slice, fusion crusted edges, polished and lab prepared on both sides for optimum display and study. Visible chondrules, CAI's, hibonite, and amoeboid olivine aggregates. 63mm x 41mm x 5mm, 28.33 grams. $566.00.   Found in Briscoe County, 1938. three stones, 2.576 kg total weight. H4 chondrite. Silverton was once held in the Nininger Collection of Meteorites. 22.98 grams, 42mm x 24mm x 9mm, $ 190.00  
  {short description of image}   {short description of image}  
  Forestburg b, L4 chondrite, Texas, 40.3 grams.   Cumberland Falls, Kentucky, Aubrite, 1.34 grams {short description of image}  
  Montaque County, Texas. Found 1957. 26 kg found, one stone. This meteorite is distinct from Forestburg a. Large slice, nice detail. 65mm x 51mm x 3mm, 40.3 grams, $260.00.   Whitley County, Kentucky. Fell April 9, 1919. Classified as a brecciated Aubrite, 1.34 grams, thin part slice, 20mm x 17mm x 1.5mm, $290.00  
  {short description of image}   {short description of image}  
  Sierra Colorada, Argentina, L5 chondrite, 25.43 grams   Round Top b, Texas, H4 chondrite, 22.11 grams  
  Rio Negro, Argentina. Found 1995, L5 chondrite. Single stone, melt veins, 71.3 kg found. An impact breccia with both a coarse and fine lithology. 25.43 grams, 45mm x 33mm, 6mm, 25.43 grams, $160.00.   Fayette County, Texas. Found 1939. H4 chondrite, one 7.116 kg stone was found. Contains shock veins, melt pockets. Vivid display of Ni/Fe grains. 51mm x 34mm x 5mm, $145.00.  
  {short description of image}   {short description of image}  
  Pony Creek, Texas, H4 chondrite, 33.11 grams   St. Lawrence, Texas, LL6 chondrite, 21.5 grams  
  Runnels County, Texas. Found 1947. H4 chondrite, 4,642 grams found, one stone. Main mass is at TCU. 33.11 grams, 56mm x 41mm x 5mm, $210.00   Glasscock County, Texas. LL6 chondrite. A single stone, 2.6 kg. Found in a pasture by a ten year old boy in 1965. Fusion crusted, light grey interior. 21.5 grams, 27mm x 21mm x 16mm, $185.00  
  {short description of image}   {short description of image}  
  Estacado, Texas, H6 chondrite, 25.84 grams.   Sleeper Camp 001, Australia, L6 chondrite, 19.2 grams  
  Hale County, Texas. H6 chondrite, found 1883. 290 kg found in a single stone. Abundant Ni/Fe grains, chondrules. 30mm x 31mm x 10mm, 25.84 grams, $190.00.
  Nyanga Plain, Western Australia, Australia. L6 chondrite, TKW 1.26 kg. Found 1962. 19.2 grams, 67mm x 30mm x 5mm, $160.00.  
  {short description of image}   {short description of image}  
  Clifford, Colorado, L6 chondrite, 9.16 grams   Carnegie, Colorado, L6 chondrite, 18.91 grams  
  Lincoln County, Colorado, L6 chondrite. Found 1962. A single mass, 11.36 kg was found by a local resident in a rangeland. They thought it looked unusual and brought it home for their rock garden where is stayed for 10 years before being recognized as a meteorite. 9.16 grams, 47mm x 27mm x 3mm, $90.00   Caddo County, Colorado. L6 chondrite. 132.7 kg, found in 1963 while terracing a field. The main mass is held in the Huss, Nininger Collection of Meteorites. Dark brown matrix, Ni/Fe grains, chondrules, 18.91 grams, 55 x 35 x 7mm, $160.00.  
  {short description of image}   {short description of image}  
  Abee, Canada, EH4 enstatite chondrite, 14.9 grams{short description of image}   Armel, Colorado, L5 chondrite, 13.9 grams  
  Alberta, Canada. EH4, Fell June 10, 1952. 107 kg recovered, single stone, from a hole 2ft ro 3ft in diameter, 6 feet deep, and inclined at an angle of 25 degrees to the vertical. Abee is a rare enstatite chondrite, high-iron subgroup, black, with impact-melt breccia. 32mm x 29mm x 8mm, 14.9 grams, SOLD   Yuma County, Colorado. Found 1967. L5 chondrite. A single 9.2 kg stone was plowed up in a field. Dark brown/black goundmass, abundant Ni/Fe grains, chondrules. 13.9 grams, 38mm x 27mm x 5mm, $125.00.  
  {short description of image}   {short description of image}  
  Buck Mountain Wash, Arizona, H3-5 chondrite, 18.52 grams   Orgueil, France, CI1 carbonaceous chondrite, fragment {short description of image}  
  Mohave, Arizona. H3-5 chondrite. Found 2004. Low TKW - only 798 grams in a single stone. Weathering grade: W1. Shock stage: S2.
Brown matrix, abundant Ni/Fe grains, chondrules. 18.52 grams, 52mm x 48mm x 2mm, SOLD
  Tarn-et-Garonne, Montauban, France Stone, carbonaceous chondrite, CI1 (Ivuna group, type 1) Fell May 14, 1864. The Orgueil meteorite represents some of the oldest known, least altered, matter. The specimen is sold by size and not weight. 4.5mm x 3mm x 2.5mm, $380.00
Note: The Orgueil meteorite is, arguably, one of the most significant meteorites to be held in any collection.
  {short description of image}   {short description of image}  
  Cocklebiddy, Australia, H5 chondrite, 14.435 grams   Brownfield (1937), Texas, H3.7 chondrite, 33.08 grams  
  Moonera, Hampton Tableland, Western Australia, Australia. H5 chondrite, single stone, 19.5 kg. Found 1949. Dark grey, mm-sized Ni/Fe inclusions and grains. An attractive display specimen. 40mm x 20mm x 4mm, $130.00.   Terry County, Texas. H3.7 chondrite - unequilibrated. Found 1937. Seven stones totalling 40.96 kg. Dark brown matrix, Ni/Fe grains, chondrules. Large surface area. This is a great price and size for an H3.7 meteorite. 33.08 grams, 53mm x 44mm x 6mm, $190.00.  
  {short description of image}   {short description of image}  
  Cleo Springs, Oklahoma, H4 chondrite, 30.31 grams   Chico, New Mexico, L6 chondrite, 8.57 grams  
  Major County, Oklahoma. H4 chondrite. A 24 kg single mass was found by a farmer in a wheat field and used as a plow weight in 1960. Dark brown ground mass, abundant sand-sized Ni/Fe grains and chondrules. 30.31 grams, 50mm x 36mm x 6mm, $190.00.   Colfax County, New Mexico, L6 chondrite. One stone weighing 104 kg was found in 1954. Chico is a highly shocked, impact-melt chondrite with impact-melt rock clasts. 40mm x 17mm x 6mm, $70.00  
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