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Specimens are offered on a first-come, first serve basis and are guaranteed to be as represented.
A Certificate of Meteorite Authenticity is included with each meteoritical specimen.
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These are difficult to acquire meteorite localities or classifications.
All images were taken of the specimens being offered. Prices and availability subject to change without notice.

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Collection Specimen

Saint-Séverin, Charente, France, LL6 chondrite.

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Saint-Séverin, Charente, France, LL6 chondrite, 206 grams, complete slice
Fell July 27, 1966. A brecciated gas-rich chondrite.
The LL group is the least common type of ordinary chondrite containing only 1 to 3% free Ni/Fe.
Collecton Specimen, not for sale.
Image Copyright protected, 2019, New England Meteoritical Services

Esquel, Argentina, Pallasite, 120 grams
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Esquel, Pallasite, 120 grams
Found in 1951, Chubut, Argentina. The story of the Esquel meteorite is well-known among serious collectors, museums, and university researchers. Simply stated, it is the most astounding pallasite ever to be found. The above specimen is backlit to show the intense olivine crystal translucence seen only in very thin and prepared slices - this slice is 2.5mm in thickness.
This is a specimen for display, destined to be the Centerpiece of a collection.
Esquel, 120 grams, 115mm x 84mm x 2.5mm, SOLD

Silverton, Texas, H4 chondrite, 26.6 grams.
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Silverton, Briscoe County, Texas, H4 chondrite, 26.6 grams.
One stone, 1.37 kg was found in 1938 with two more several years later, for a total of 2.57 kg. Once in the Nininger Collection of Meteorites, this is an attractive slice. Many chondrules and distinct Ni/Fe grains, 26.6 grams, 40mm x 31mm x 8mm, $244.00.

Markovka, Russia, H4 chondrite, 54.5 grams
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Markovka, Altay region, Kluchevskoj district, Russia. 54.6 grams.
A 8.8kg meteorite was plowed up from a depth of 20-30 cm. Tractor drivers had broken the meteorite and small pieces were taken by inhabitants. The larger part of the meteorite was brought in 1967 to a teacher on a pension. He gave the meteorite to a geological group and in 1969 the meteorite was turned over to the Commission on Meteorites of the Sibirian department of the USSR Academy of Sciences - (from the Meteoritical Bulletin Database).
Markovka, part slice, 53mm x 45mm x 15mm, 54.5 grams, $220.00

Big Rock Donga, Australia, H6 chondrite, 26.2 grams.
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Big Rock Donga, H6 chondrite, South Australia, Australia. 26.2 grams.
One stone weighing 19kg was foud in 1970 in the eastern part of theNullarbor Plain. It was recognized as a meteorite in 1989, and analyzized by T. McCoy, Univ of Hawaii..This is a solid, attractive, part-slice.
51mm x 35mm x 5mm, 26.2 grams,well-prepared, perfect for display, teaching, $270.00

NWA 1665, CK3-AN
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Found 2002. This is a partial slice of an astounding meteorite - a CK3-an. There are only three known meteorites of this carbonaceous classication.
Only one stone of 1,185 grams was found. Porphyritic olivine and pyroxene chondrules in a dark grey matrix.
Very clean, bright Ni/Fe grains. Offered is a 3.42 gram part slice. Lab prepared, large surface area - 39mm x 28mm x 2mm. SOLD

Huckitta, Australia, Pallasite, 13.3 grams
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Huckitta, Australia, 13.3 grams.
Main Group pallasite, found in 1924 on Burt Plains, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia. Weathered with fragmental olivine. This is a good pallasite to be studied when seen in thin section.
Huckitta, 13.3 grams, 25mm x 20mm x 15mm, Imilac, 60mm x 40mm x 2mm, 17.51 grams, $145.00

Gebil Kamil, Al Wadi al Jadid, Egypt, 67.6 grams
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Gebil Kamil, 67.6 grams.
Found in 2009, Gebil Kamil is a Ni-rich 19.8% ungrouped Ataxite iron meteorite, meaning that it does not fit into any of the established chemical groups for iron meteorites. Twisted, torn, and melted in appearance, it's the "classic" look of an iron meteorite. 51mm x 30mm x 21mm, 67.6 grams, SOLD

Estacado,Texas, H6 chondrite, 20.7 grams
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Estacado, H6 chondrite, Texas, 20.7 grams
Found 1883, Hale County, Texas. Estacado has a remarkable 27.88% Fe as evidenced by the abundance of Ni/Fe inclusions and grains. This is a great teaching sample. If you find a rock that looks like this then you almost certainly have found a stone meteoriite. 20.7 grams, 28mm x 31mm x 6mm, SOLD

Allende, Mexico, CV3, carbonaceous chondrite, full slice, fusion crusted, 24.3 grams.
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Allende, full slice, fusion crusted, 24.3 gram specimen.

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Allende, 24.3 gram specimen. Photomicrograph of top specimen, several types chondrules, CAI's.

Fell, February 8, 1969, 01:05 local time, Pueblito de Allende, Chihuahua State, Mexico.

The Allende meteorite has become one of the most famous and collection-desirable stone meteorites. This is a premier specimen, chondrule-rich, containing some of the oldest, most pristene matter available for scientific study. The white calcium-aluminum inclusions contain presolar grains - stardust that formed prior to the formation of our Sun that became incorporated as solid matter during our Sun's protosun period of the early solar system. This specimen contains just about everything that can be seen in the Allende meteorite - many types of chondrules, CAI's, amygdaloidal and hibonite inclusions as well as fusion-crusted edges along the outer edge perimeter.

Allende, CV3 carbonaceous chondrite, 63mm x 36mm x 4mm, 24.3 grams, SOLD.



Beaver, Oklahoma, L5 chondrite, 25.8 grams
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Beaver, Oklahoma, L5 chondrite, 25.8 grams
Found 1940, Beaver County, Oklahoma. A single stone, 25.628 grams was found and used as a door-stop in the county jail in Beaver for about 40 years..Dark brown matrix, bright Ni/Fe inclusions and grains. Nice display specimen.
Beaver, 25.8 grams, 37mm x 33mm x 6mm, $270.00

Springer, Oklahoma, H5 chondrite, 26.7 grams
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Springer, Oklahome, H5 chondrite, 26.7 grams
Found: April, 1965 in Carter County. Black, bright Ni'Fe grains, polished slice, one natural edge..
Springer, 43mm x 35mm x 5mm, 26.7 grams, $294.00

Roundtop a, L5 chondrite, Texas, 27.9 grams
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Round Top a, Fayette County, Texas. 27.9 grams
Found December 1934. Shock veins, melt pockets. Almost all of this meteorite is at the Monnig Museum at TCU.
Round Top a, Fayette County, Texas. 27.9 grams. Polished part slice, 47mm x 38mm x 4mm, $190.00

Kaufman, Texas, L5 chondrite. 22.5 grams
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Kaufman, L5 chondrite, Texas, 22.5 grams.
A single mass of 23kg was found five miles west of Kaufman, in 1893..
A black matrix with large, signifiicant Ni/Fe inclusions up to 3mm in size. A very stable stone meteorite.
Kaufman, L5 chondrite, 22.5 grams, 53mm x 42mm x 5mm, $242.00

Chinga, Ataxite UNGR, Russia
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Chinga, ungrouped ataxite, 14.97 grams
Turvinskaya, Russia. Found in 1913, Chinga is an ungrouped ataxite iron meteorite. Polished and lightly etched, submm-sized kamacite spindles in the 16.56% Ni matrix. A low-cost, rare iron meteorite, 50mm x 17mm x 7mm, 14.97 grams, $110.00

Select, choice specimens of important meteorites

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Dalgaranga, Stony-iron, Mesosiderite-A, 11.6 grams
Dalhart, Dallam Couty, Texas, H5 chondrite, found 1968. 8.15 grams. grams
Found 1923, Western Australia, Australia. Complete specimen. $170.00   Found by an amateur hunter of Indian artifacts on a native grass pasture. 8.15 grams, 33mm x 19mm x 8mm, SOLD
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Chelyabinsk, Siberia, Russia, LL5 chondrite, 2.3 gram fusion crusted endpiece.
Abee, EH4 Impact breccia, 4.48 grams
Fell February 15, 2013. Offered is a 2.3 gram, fusion crusted endpiece with spectacular brecciation. This is an impact-melt meteorite with multiple lithologies. 24mm x 18mm x 3mm, SOLD   Fell June 10, 1952 in Alberta Canada. Rare classification, rare meteorite. Nice breccia, fusion crusted. 4.48 grams, 32mm x 23mm x 22mm, SOLD.
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Chico, New Mexico, L6 Impact-melt, 8.5 grams.
Farnum, Linclon County, Nebraska, L5 chondrite. 7.3 grams
Found January 1954. Low cost for an impact-melt chondrite. 41mm x 16mm x 6mm, $70.00   Found 1937. TKW 4.2kg, examined by Nininger. Most of this meteorite is in London Nat History Mus. and ASU. 22mm x 11mm x 7mm, 7.3 grams, SOLD
Select, choice specimens of important meteorites
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Holbrook, Arizona, L6 chondrite.
Ochansk, Russia, H4 chondrite, 1.78 grams.
Covert, Kansas, H5 chondrite.
Fell July 19, 1912, Navajo County, Arizona. Offered is a fusion crusted (60%) specimen,  4 grams, 12mm x 12mm x 13mm, SOLD .    Rarely offered, Fell August 30, 1887. Offered is 1.78 grams, 19 x 14mm x 3mm, $60.00.   Found in 1896 in Osborne County, veined chondrite, Thin slice, large surface area,9.75 grams, 65mm x 25mm x 3mm,SOLD
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Nelson County, Kentucky, IIIF, 10.1 grams
Allegan, Michigan, L6, 2.38 grams
Hamilton, Queensland, Australia,L6
 Found in 1856. A rare IIIF iron, one of only 9 known. Natural, fusion crusted edge, 15mm x 13mm x 19mm, SOLD.    Fell July 10, 1899. This is a chondrite, white in color.
2.38 grams, 14mm x 12mm x 11mm, SOLD
   Found 1966 mostly buried by mud in the flood plain of the Balonne River. 2.8 grams, 20mm x 10mm x 6mm, SOLD
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Cat Mountain, Arizona, L5 chondrite, 2.48 grams
Kharabali, Russia, H5 chondrite
Estherville, Iowa, Mesosiderite
Found 1981, Pima Co., Arizona. Impact-melt chondrite. Prepared part slice, 2.48 grams, 18mm x 11mm x 4mm, SOLD.   Found 2001, in in the Kharabalinsky district, Astrakhan region, Russia. It was known to local people as a conspicuous strange magnetic stone for at least 10 years. 3.58 grams, 20mm x 14mm x 6mm, $90.00   Fell May 10, 1879ound 1966 This is a pyroxene, olivine, plagioclase fragment of the famous Estherville meteorite. 1.48 grams, 17mm x 15mm x 6mm, SOLD
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Yatoor, India, H5, 4.51 grams.
Bath, South Dakota, H4, 2.56 grams, fusion crusted
Wellman C, Terry Co., Texas, H4, 6.70 grams
Fell January 23, 1852. Very little available, the main mass of 10kg is at the London Natural History Museum. 4.51 grams, 22mm x 12mm x 10mm, SOLD.   Fell August 29, 1892. A single stone of 46 lbs was recovered. 15mm x 15mm x 10mm, fusion crusted fragment, SOLD.   Found 1964. Nicely prepared part slice, large surface area, chondrules, Ni/Fe grains. 6.70 grams, 22mm x 19mm x 5mm, SOLD.
Clifford, Colorado, L6 chondrite
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Clifford, 13.2 grams, L6 chondrite
Found 1962 in an uncultivated rangeland, Linclon County, Colorado. The finder thought that it looked unusual and kept it in a rock garden. It was recognized as a meteorite in 1997. This is a large, thin slice, many Ni/Fe inclusions and grains, distinct lithology.
Clifford, Colorado, L6 chondrite, 13.2 grams, 56mm x 30mm x 3mm, $130.00

Buschhof, Latvia, L6 chondrite, 4.01 grams.
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Buschhof, L6, 4.01 grams. Historic Latvian Fall, June 02, 1863.
Buschhof, L6 veined chondrite, fell June 02, 1863 in Zemgale, Latvia. A single 5kg stone was reported to have been recovered but only around 2.5kg is preserved in museums. This partial slice displays great detail with multiple chondrules and bright Ni/Fe inclusions.
4.01 grams, 25mm x 15mm x 6mm, $ 270.00.


Happy Canyon, Texas, EL6/7, 3.92 grams

One 16.3kg mass was plowed up at the R.IL. Grigsby farm about 2 km NW of Wayside, Texas in 1971

Happy Canyon is a brecciated, impact-melt, enstatite chondrite, low iron subgroup, containing relic, un-melted material of a higher shock stage than S2. Only about half of the original found specimen survives in mostly university collections. This specimen was a part of the Huss Collection of Meteorites.

Happy Canyon, EL6/7, 3.92 grams, 16mm x 12mm x 6mm, SOLD



Estherville, Iowa, Mesosiderite, 24.2 grams
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Estherville, Historic Fall, May 10, 1879,occured in Emmet County, Iowa.
Offered is an unusual, complete, 24.2 gram slice with large clusters of Ni/Fe and olivine embedded in a pyroxene and plagioclase groundmass. This is an attractive representative sample of a mesosiderite.

Estherville, 24.2 grams, 55mm x 42mmx 5mm, SOLD



Gruver, Texas, H4 chondrite, 32 grams
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Gruver, Texas, H4 chondrite, 32 grams.
Found in 1934. Once in the Nininger Collection of Meteorites, several masses were found for a total of 11.1 kg.
The data was published in 1937.
Dark brown marix, Bright Ni/Fe metal grains throughout the polished surface. 32 grams, 56 mm x 36mm x 5mm, $288.00.

Powellsville, Ohio, H5, 16.4 grams
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Powellsvile, H5 chondrite, 16.4 grams
A single 4,310gram stone was found 40 cm under ground by a man digging out a tree stump. Large surface area, abundance of Ni/Fe inclusions. 16.4 grams, 65mm x 48mm x 2mm, SOLD.

Hessle, Sweden, H5 chondrite, fusion crusted.
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Hessle, Sweden, H5 chondrite, 2.18 grams, fusion crusted.
Fell January 01, 1869, Uppsala, Svealand, Sweden. Cut surface, partial fusion crust.
Hessle, Sweden, H5 chondrite, 2.18 grams, 17mm 12mm x 6mm, SOLD

Cocklebiddy, Australia, H5, 11.7 grams
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Cocklebiddy, 11.7 grams
Found in 1949, in Hampton Tableland, Moonera, Western Australia, Australia. Dark grey matrix, chondrules, bright Ni/Fe grains and inclusions, unoxidized. 11.7 grams, 31mm 26mm x 4mm, SOLD

Winner, South Dakota, L3.9, 9.65 grams
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Winner, L3.9, 9.65 grams
Rare classification, rarely offered. Found in 2004 by a man getting off his tractor to get gas. He noticed a rusty rock which was later identified as a meteorite. 9.65 grams, 60mm x 20mm x 5mm, SOLD

Zagami, Nigeria - SNC, Martian, 11.03 grams
This meteorite originated on the planet Mars. It's classified as a shergottite (similar in composition to the meteorite Shergotty (SNC) excepting that the augite crystals are smaller).
Zagami fell in Nigeria on October 03, 1962, it is classified as a Martian basalt.
Offered are 2 lab prepared specimens, clean, no oxidation, polished surface, augite crystal structures visible in both. The specimens are clean and suitable for any level of display, teaching or research.
 {short description of image}
 Offered, Zagami, 11.03 grams, one fusion-crusted end, maskelynite veining, clean, no oxidation, 44mm x 24mm x 5mm. SOLD
Specimen #2, Zagami, Nigeria - SNC, Martian, 2.84 grams
  {short description of image}  
  Zagami, specimen #2, maskelynite veining, 24mm x 12mm x 6mm, SOLD.  

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Sikhote-Alin, Russia, coarsest octahedrite.
  This is one of the great meteorites Falls of our time. Several ton of this iron meteorite fell over the Sikhote-Alin mountains (Russia) on February 12, 1947
Classified as a IIAB iron meteorite, there are two types - large, fragmented forms showing the violent shearing, tearing, and breakup in the atmosphere and the regmaglypted specimens that display melting. This is a spectacular iron meteorite for display. Offered are both types.
{short description of image}   {short description of image}
Sikhote-Alin, 59 grams. Fusion crusted and regmaglypted. This is an attractive meteorite. 60mm x 26mm x 13mm, SOLD   Sikhote-Alin, 74.8 grams, Melted exterior and regmaglypted. A great teaching example of atmosphering ablation. 52mm x 28mm x 14mm, SOLD
{short description of image}   {short description of image}
Sikhote-Alin, 57.8 grams, A nicely melted shape, regmaglypted, 45mm x 25mm x 18mm, SOLD.   Sikhote-Alin, 438 grams. This one is a "brute" of a meteorite. It's a superb hand-specimen that displays shearing and torn metal. 75mm x 43mm x 40mm, SOLD
{short description of image}   {short description of image}
Sikhote-Alin, 132.6 grams, regmaglypted, fusion-crusted. Melted appearance, spectacular shape, 55mm x 38mm x 36mm, SOLD.   Sikhote-Alin, 225 grams, fragmented during atmospheric entry, 80mm x 35mm x 20mm, $220.00
{short description of image}   {short description of image}
Sikhote-Alin, 91.5 grams, regmaglypted, 56mm x 30mm x 18mm, SOLD. A very clean, black, fusion-crusted specimen.   Sikhote-Alin, 63.4 grams, regmaglypted, fusion-crusted. Great shape, size, color, and melted appearance. 43mm x 35mm x 13mm, SOLD
{short description of image}   {short description of image}
Sikhote-Alin, 272.2 grams, a fine example of the violent shearing and tearing that occurs during atmospheric passage. An excellent specimen. This is a large specimen for display or teaching, 82mm x 55mm x 25mm, SOLD   Sikhote-Alin, 226 grams, displaying melted areas and tearing. Very clean, 65mm x 43mm x 27mm. $220.00
{short description of image}   {short description of image}
Sikhote-Alin, 69.6 grams, displaying elongated regmaglypts, and melted surfaces. 57mm x 29mm x 18mm, SOLD   Sikhote-Alin, 58.7 grams, displaying melted areas and regmaglypts. Very clean, 42mm x 35mm x 15mm, $174.00
{short description of image}   {short description of image}
Sikhote-Alin, 54.8 grams, displaying melted areas, tearing and regmaglypts. Unusually shaped, 52mm x 14mm x 13mm, SOLD   Sikhote-Alin, 53.4 grams, displaying melted areas, shearing, regmaglypted, 54mm x 25mm x 15mm, SOLD
{short description of image}   {short description of image}
Sikhote-Alin, 187.6 grams, displaying tearing and twisted surfaces. Very clean, a one of a kind, 73mm x 55mm x 20mm,SOLD   Sikhote-Alin, 37.9 grams.Many regmaglypts, twisted surfaces, and elongated sheared surfaces. 46mm x 23mm x 12mm. SOLD
{short description of image}    
Sikhote-Alin, 40 grams. Smooth, melted surfaces, many regmaglypts.40mm x 25mm x 13mm. SOLD    


Estherville iron nodules
From the Estherville, Iowa, mesosiderite Fall of May 10th 1879
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 Estherville iron nodule, fusion crusted, 11 grams. Collection specimen, not for sale..
{short description of image}
Estherville iron nodule, 10.05 grams, 20mm x 17mm x 11mm, fusion crusted, SOLD
 The Estherville meteorite shower of May 10, 1879 rained over 350kg of a rare classification of meteorite called a mesosiderite over Emmet County Iowa. Mesosiderites are an odd type of differentiated meteorite, meaning that somehow the Fe/Ni mix from the asteroidal core melted and combined with molten silicates (basalt) near the surface. Not only did the shower produce many larger specimens, it produced many smaller "iron nodules" consisting of an admixture of both the Ni/Fe and basalt.
 Harvey Nininger published on these remarkable nodules singling out the oriented ones (the Published Papers of Harvey Harlow Nininger, June 1971)
 He examined over 700 specimens, studiying the aerodynamic abalation from orientation.
 Offered are three samples of these nodules, all oriented, all with exposed Ni/Fe and the stony basaltic matrix, all with fragmented sections of both primary and secondary fusion crust. The serious study of meteoritics was beginning at this time and Nininger was at the forefront. Aside from their unique nature, these are historic meteorite samples from when the "eye" of science began to take notice.
 For serious study, teaching, and private collections.
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Estherville iron nodule, 4.38 grams, fusion crusted, 17mm x 13mm x 8mm, $310.00   Estherville iron nodule, 2.92 grams, fusion crusted, 16mm x 12mm x 10mm, $219.00
 {short description of image}    
Estherville iron nodule, 4.18 grams, fusion crusted, 14mm x 12mm x 8mm, $280.00    
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