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Collecting Styles and Interests

How an individual or organization approaches the collecting of meteorites is a matter of interest, intent and opportunity. It may be based on a theme like classification or a geographic locale, or it may be based on general interest and available resources. No matter the reason, each collection holds interest and value to the collector.

Value is defined in many ways, especially to those who collect the "ultimate antique" - meteorites. People have collected artifacts and relics throughout recorded history and meteorites are true relics.

Collecting them is a journey to another time, another world. For some, the value of their collection is the mystique and wonderment of origin. Others find their scientific curiosity heightened as they carefully scrutinize the characteristics of each of their specimens. Many look at the investment nature of meteorites. Whatever our reasons, value is always a part of our collection. It is a quality that each of us defines differently.

Odessa, Texas, Iron meteorite

Whether you are a student working on a science project or a world class museum, your collection has meaning and value to you and to others. The reasons for collecting meteorites are as varied as the collectors. In the final analysis, however, it is your collection to build and enjoy as your interests change and expand.

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